26 Cheap, Last-Minute Date Ideas

Whether it's your first time out together or you're looking to infuse your long term relationship with a little spontaneity, these fun and funky date ideas will ensure that you'll have a great time creating unique memories together tonight or any 'ol night of the week.  Never fear if you're SOI (Significant Other-Impaired) these ideas will work equally well with your pals....more

25 Savvy Ways to Have FUN on the Cheap

Savvy Budget Indulgence: Perfume Minis


Budget Alternatives to Champagne

How to Feel Like You Bought a New Dress for Just a Few Bucks

Much like nail polish, stockings, leggings and tights are our favorite savvy secrets for sprinkling on some sass when our budget is tight, particularly at this time of year, when we have piles of invites but lack the  piles of cash to luxe up our look.  Hosiery is such an inexpensive way to upgrade your wardrobe making even the frugalest of sale-rack finds look chic and luxe, just like magic.  Even more magical: tights are illusory, slimming and shaping legs as needed....more

50 Best Money Saving Blogs and Websites

Whether the recession ends up being a single, double, or even triple dip (heaven help us), one thing we've learned over the last few dollar-stretching years is that it is NEVER too late get your savvy on, get smarter about how you spend your money and live a rich, creative, abundant life with whatever you've got to work with....more

Inexpensive Cures for Chapped Hands

There's nothing sexy about dry, chapped, red weathered hands.  In fact, it can be downright painful to sport cracked paws, particularly when ordinary washing and drying results in irritated, broken skin and knuckles like sandpaper....more
I always get broker skin almost everytime I do laundry and my easy solution is to laundry gloves ...more

Savvy Living: How to Drink and Not Get Fat

How to drink and not get fat is a lot easier than you think.  In fact, the answer is so simple, you'll wonder why you haven't thought it before:  Don't drink so much. Ok, don't get mad.  I'm actually serious.  Researchers have discovered that unless one is blessed with Herculean powers of resistance, we mortals will eat and drink whatever is placed in front of us.  Which means, if you enjoy drinking and are at a party, dinner, or any occasion in which your glass is being refilled (even if YOU are the one refilling it), you're bound to drink more than you in...more