A great cup of coffee, wear what ever you want.

A recent commercial for a coffee product to me conveyed the message of how great it is to have a great cup of coffee at home. Since she was home she could have her coffee wearing anything she wished. She was wrapped in a towel.There are many reasons I do not drink my great cup of coffee in a towel, only one of which is the "hot" part of a great cup of coffee. But I could not agree more about having a great cup of coffee any time I want. It is in fact a necessity,not a luxury. (Sorry no prize, but how many times have I said "a great cup of coffee"?)...more

Tea? Why culinary Tea?

It has been my privilege to have been an RN for over 30 years. And while I am not yet ready to leave the bedside, my desire to create something of my own has taken hold.My love of natural scent has led to around by the nose.(pun intended) I love essential oils, I have and will continue to study natural perfume, I still had not found my path less traveled. The study of culinary tea as a possibility started me on the scent trail....more