I'm Cheryl Rajkumar - wife, daughter, sister and a food blogger. Recently, I quit my job as a Health care professional to fulfill my responsibilities as a home-maker. Little did I realize that ‘MARRIAGE’ is a full- time unpaid job. I enjoy this break to rediscover my passion for life through cooking and baking. 

Born in coastal Goa, raised in Karnataka and Tamilnadu, India explains my inclination towards INDIAN cuisine. Living over half a decade in the Island Country, Singapore was a curtain-raiser to the variety of food representing different ethnicities and hybridized versions. In 2006 I moved to Dublin, Ireland one of the most expensive cities in Europe to spend the next half of the decade. My living experience in two continents and travelling over a dozen countries influence my cooking style and choice of food.Mid 2011, I moved to Raleigh,NC  Columbus,OH to join my life-time companion. 

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I believe that cooking is a perfect combination of science and art. Behind every art, there is a science that created it. After mastering the basics and applying that knowledge, a cook can yield successful results. Concocting recipes with this rationale gave birth to KITCHEN KEMISTRY. Join me in discovering new flavors and the fun in cooking and say ‘Hello’ to fresh homemade food. Whip up a recipe and rejoice in wonderful cooking, baking and eating.