Ok, so it is clear that smoking will not work with this newfound determination I have to get my weak butt in shape. Just broke all but one and threw away. Dear God, please don't let me find myself digging through the trash for a butt... No, I've been flirting with smoking for weeks now but after working out I had one and immediately felt the urge to barf. No one says barf anymore? Oh well. I'm bringing it back. My arms feel like they each weigh at least 200 lbs. This will be funny one day once I can do 1-armed push ups. That's right push ups, IM COMING FOR YA!...more
Thank you Denise! I'm working on making some serious changes and blogging is new to me ...more

There it is. It has begun at 1:41 p.m. on Thursday

There it is. I did 3 reps each of 8 kick-your-butt workout moves. My arms feel like noodles, my legs feel in pain but in that good way. It can't get any harder than the first time so tomorrow will be just that easier....more

Step 1

Step 1 of my "stop thinking about it and just do it" process: Blow up my exercise ball. It is truly mine, I have owned it for over a month now. It's been hanging out with me, in its box, while I Facebook and do school work. Today it came out to play. Cailen, my 17-month-old enjoyed watching me blow it up and bounce on it, giggling like a kid. I dug up an issue of Fitness magazine I've been saving for 3+ years and picked a workout. Damn if it didn't include an exercise ball. This must be fate. I will do the 30 minute workout and I will get up tomorrow at 6:00, yes, 6:00 and go for a jog....more


Today I read that a friend of mine pushed an SUV across a parking lot as part of her boot camp exercise. Wow! I've quit smoking 3 times this week, does that count for anything?...more

Dodging Raindrops

Best Case Scenario: This blog will serve as encouragement to others who are looking for a fire to be lit under their assistant...minus the -istant part. You are never too old, too far behind or too far from your goals to get started. This all sounds great but the whole idea is to stop thinking about why, when and how and just get started! It's that easy I know. I am a great procrastinator and by great I mean...I am truly good at it....more
Step 1 of my "stop thinking about it and just do it" process: Blow up my exercise ball. It is ...more