Kale and Eggs (Or, Why You Should Start a Food Blog)

If you want to know the truth, I have had this recipe in my Wordpress drafts for weeks now. Weeks. Every time I would go to post it, just as something quick and easy, I would think, this is too simple, this is nothing special or, I don't know, here we go with kale again, and I would talk myself out of it. I do this kind of thing a lot. Maybe you do, too?...more
I feel late to the party discovering this a month after you've written it, but thank you for ...more

Will Starting a Blog Help You Sell Your Book? Or Doom It?

Many authors will create blogs to support the launch of their new books, a decision that can be either savvy marketing or a clumsy waste of time—do you know what makes the difference? Should you start a blog to promote your book? And if so, how? ...more
You've made a really good point there.  I've been blogging about reading and writing for the ...more

The 5 Secrets of Crafting a Horrible PowerPoint Presentation

Sure, it seems easy to create the kind of horrible PowerPoint presentation that puts your audience to sleep when your topic is already a yawner---but is it only the subject matter that’s to blame?When you’re speaking on a topic that your audience already has an interest in, is it still possible to annoy listeners and make them want to throw tomatoes at you?...more
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Important Blogging Terms

When I started my first blog, the Internet was a different world—because back in the early 2000s, when you told someone you were blogging, it wasn’t without a little embarrassment. Yet today, blogs have exploded from the quiet realm of online diaries into the powerful force of respected websites....more

What Is the Difference between Marketing and PR?

As a writer for a Chicago marketing company, I’ve seen that many people use the terms public relations and marketing interchangeably, but the truth is, they are not the same thing. What exactly are they? How are they different? And, most importantly, which one should your business be using? Quick Definitions Marketing: The process of promoting, selling or distributing a product or service; the work of moving goods from producer to purchaser ...more
cardamomaddict  So if marketing is spin, and PR is accurate (in an ethical PR practice) then is ...more