We’re All In This Together

Mike RobbinsLike so many people here in the United State and around the world, I've had a very strong reaction to our election.  Given the pre-election polls, I was shocked by the outcome, and given how I voted, I was disappointed by it.  As I've ridden the roller coaster of intense emotions over the past week and listened to reactions, read articles, and talked with people in my life - I've been struck by the profound level of division and disconnection in our society, which actually concerns me as much as almost anything else right now....more

An open letter to my fellow straight white men...

Mike RobbinsNovember 13, 2016It's time for us to step up straight white men! This campaign and this election have exposed many issues in our country and our world...issues that have been there for a very long time, and although we've made progress on them through the years, it's time for real change and we're a big part of that....more

Embracing Change Without Suffering

Mike Robbins...more

Embrace the Gift of Life

Mike Robbins...more

The Power of Letting Go

Mike Robbins November 19, 2015...more

Take Care of Your Animal

Mike Robbins10/29/2015...more

Making the Shift from Ambition to Meaning

Mike Robbins...more

How Do You Handle Criticism?

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Can You Survive Without Your Phone?

Mike RobbinsAs we were rushing around to get out the door for our 4th of July weekend trip to the  lake, I misplaced my iPhone and was forced to leave without it...for 4 days!  What at first seemed like a curse, ended up being a blessing!After the initial panic wore off, I actually felt free and liberated...and had lots of fun with Michelle, the girls, and our friends on the trip (probably more fun than I would have had if my phone was with me)....more

Remember How Strong Your Are

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