Momma, Will You Ask God to Send You Back to Me?

“Momma, when you die, will you ask God to send you back to me?” Wow. That’s not the typical light-hearted bedtime conversation I have with Ava. She is usually fretting over which stuffed animal belongs where and what book she will read to me that night. And I’m usually arguing with her about how she needs to go to sleep, how she needs to wake up early to eat breakfast before she catches the bus. Discussions of mortality are not the standard for us. I kissed her on the forehead, evading the question altogether. ...more
What a great article. I have to say that since having my daughter (she's 13 months), I've had ... more

Nie Asks: What Do You Do With a Crying Baby?

How do you get any work done around your house when you have babies? And what do you do when your baby cries? Tell me -- I want to know! ...more
I bounce her on the Yoga Ball or put her in my Beco Gemini, wear her and rock away until she ... more

It's No Secret! Rhuematoid Arthritis Can Seriously Affect Your Sex Life

It really isn't rare to hear the parents of young children talking or joking about the toll parenthood takes on their sex lives. While making babies may be intimate, having babies can make intimacy difficult. Parents of young children often have no time. They have no energy. They didn't get enough sleep last night. There's spit up on the sheets. They can't remember the last time they shaved. Their sex lives inevitably suffer.  ...more
I have inflammatory arthritis discovered after I gave birth to my little one. I have been in ... more

Mother's Day Eve: This Party Is Just for the Mamas

Holy cow, I have invented a holiday: Mother’s Day Eve®. And you are invited. I started Mother’s Day Eve® because relationships with other moms gave me strength. My community made tantrums and tired days into something funny, bearable and doable. They made the great moments meaningful because they were shared. ...more
I love this. ^_^ Love a positive way to put aside all the judging and just celebrate that we are ... more

What Staying-at-Home Is Really Like

Well, it's been almost six months since I made the huge life decision to become a stay at home Mommy. So I figured it's about time for an update. I get asked "how's it going" all the time. But every time someone asks, I'm convinced they want the abridged answer of "wonderful." So that's what they get. I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about how it's really going. For the record, I haven't lied. It is wonderful....more
This made me cry because I have to go back to work in a few weeks after the birth of my first ... more

My Elusive Quest For Mom Friends: Are One or Two Friends Okay?

Lately, I’ve read several good articles and blog pieces about the difficulty of making new mom friends. I can identify with these authors because last year seemed to be my year of constant angst about friendships. Do I have enough friends? How can I make new friends? Does it really matter? That was the broken record constantly re-playing itself in my mind....more
I'm a bit of an older mom and when I became pregnant I knew I needed to meet other moms and make ... more

"Taylor Swift Hates Men": What Happens When We Tell Women Their Voices Don't Count

Friday nights are a sacred space.I enjoy coming home to do my laundry, tidy up my room…and shamelessly sing off pitched lyrics to ditties that are oddly reminiscent of my high school freshman diary while I simultaneously dance around in my running spankies and jump on top of my bed. Friday night is Taylor Swift ‘n Sing Karaoke Clean-up Nights.  Please knock before you enter....more
Thank you for this article. Right now in the video game industry there is a lot of Gender and ... more

Who Do You Want To Be?

When we first met Lissy Ryder in Jen Lancaster's novel Here I Go Again, she didn't know who she wanted to be. She was still focused on who she had been. Her high school days has been her glory days, so why should she want to be any different than she was in her teens? During the course of the novel she learns that if you stay who you were, you'll never become who you are supposed to be....more
I knew I wanted to be a lawyer in the tech field. Since college, I have actually worked in IT. ... more

Do We Ever Really Leave High School?

Lissy Ryder, the main character in Jen Lancaster's new novel, Here I Go Again, never really left high school. She hit her peak during those four years and stopped growing and reaching. When she discovered there is life after high school it was a complete and total shock. While we may not all be like Lissy, I still see references every week online to things being just like high school....more
I would like to think we have left high school as adults, but I see too much evidence otherwise. ... more

Music Tells Your Story

One of the things I probably identified the most with in Jen Lancaster's Here I Go Again were the discussions between Lissy and Brian about music. When you are teenager, few things feel bigger than the music you listen to in high school. It becomes the soundtrack for that part of your life, and you carry it with you going forward....more
I love 80's music more than anything! I can still recall lyrics to many songs when they are ... more