The Potty Is My Alamo (And I Can't Blame My Child)

I am pretty sure I'm doing this potty training thing wrong. mean, I think I know "how" to do it "right," or at least "right" by various wise people's definitions. Except I can't seem to do it. My part, anyway. I cannot just bite the bullet and pitch the diapers and just DO THIS. This is my first real parenting mountain that I'm having trouble climbing, as it were. Potty training is scaring the crap out of me....more
You could always hit the middle ground by getting some cloth diaper style trainers (a quick ... more

The GOP War on Women's Subtext: A Return to the Baby Scoop Era

But the subtext of this “debate” that jumps out for me is adoption. After all, people have been having sex -- shame or no shame, birth control or no birth control, ever since God said, (in renaissance English) “be fruitful, and multiply.” They’ll go on having sex, whether women can enjoy it safely or not, and when they do, sometimes, unplanned babies will be born. And in a world where single parenting (read “single mothering”) is being pathologized by law as leading to child abuse, those unplanned babies will have to go somewhere....more
Amen.  In my opinion, hormonal, barrier birthcontrol, and proper sex education should be ... more