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I am a Midwestern mom and wife transplanted into a southern country club community.

I am a "real" housewife raising three boys that I pray daily don't turn me into that poor mother from "Jacka$!"   You know the mom who has the son who shoots off fireworks in her bedroom...while she's sleeping!  Our boys are a little closer to Tom Sawyer, thankfully, instead of Bam Margera.  That just means I may wake up with a squirrel, a toad and a duck in my bed.

Lord help me and grant me patience or a good attorney, oh and my own TV show so I can get one assistant to answer "Yes Dear?” to the kids (instead of "WHAAAAT!!!!") and the other assistant to wash and fold and PUT AWAY their clothes.  I will stoop to reality TV, joking, but I would LOVE IT!  I have enough fun and "issues" that Teresa Giudice would be coming over to flip my tables, she would be so jealous.

I have aspirations to help produce a show based on our family, think "Everybody Loves Raymond" but instead a misplaced family of Midwesterners trying to fit into the Bible belt, country club community.   The dad is a doctor and also the first one in his family to GO TO COLLEGE.  Throw in me and you get a little trouble and throw in our boys and you get questions like, "Aren't you glad you and dad only had to do THAT twice to get three babies?"  

You will find our boys on the golf course, in a pond and hillbilly hand fishing and me on the phone apologizing to the pro shop, and asking at what hours it WOULD BE OK to wade around in the golf course ponds, shirtless.

Visit me for… all that makes you smile, laugh, think, love, cry or cry laughing.   

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You can find a complete story of us here along with photos because I know you are already thinking I am lying.  I do sometimes, just a little, to protect the ding dongs I encounter.

I hope to give you a place to visit on your mobile after you have read the days news and need a short story you can relate to.  A story to make you laugh while your sitting in the school pick-up line or sitting on the side of your childs practice field.