Social Media Brought Us Together But I'm Now Conscientiously Unplugging From Your Feed

 There is something people rarely comment about in our circles and I am tired of being a blogger and lumped into this pot of crazy that no one seems to want to talk about.  This isn’t about photo rights.  It is about children’s rights.There are endless posts about using another person's photo online without their EXPRESS PERMISSION.  You cannot just link to the original image and name them.  You need permission.  ...more

Dirty Politics at the Expense of Our Children’s Educations

The power of social media on a small rural town in a series of posts.  I blog, and I do it for me. Some people gamble or golf but I enjoy telling stories.  I do it and I cross my fingers that someone might want to read what I put out there, right here where you are reading right now.  ...more

Ridiculous Resolution and the One I'm Most Likely to Keep

I despise resolutions.If I knew I needed to change something  about myself, and luckily I don't as every year I get more perfect(ly imperfect) I know I would realize my flaw on or around January 20th.Knowing myself, I would "shelf" my personal "remodel" until January 1, of the next year because that is when we are supposed to.I am very self aware and am positive I would forget my planned resolution and then not ever improve my person.That doesn't mean I don't learn a lesson here or there....more

The Newtown Tragedy and What I Will Say to Our Three Young Sons

I keep going over what I am going to say to my boys about today's tragedy in Newtown when they get home.I am raising three young men. When something like this happens it is nearly always a man who has done it and I cannot help it, I am human, and I think about the gunman's mother.I think about what pain the person had been inflicted with while they were developing, not that it is an excuse. What lessons the parents missed teaching. I think about losing your son. He was her little baby in a hospital gown getting that first picture taken....more

Likable But Perhaps Unlovable

You can use the state of my closet as an indicator to know my current mental status. My closet told me today I was bat-$hit crazy.I have decided if I clean out my closet I will be able to carry on with my Christmas decorating and baking. If, when I am finished, I do not feel dramatically better I will move onto holiday “spirits.”     ...more

Friendships, Opinions and Social Media

It is so hard to voice political opinions when you are talking friendships. You want to respect one another. I have been very careful to not voice my opinion online.I was just over on my Facebook page and found so many people I respect and care about are complaining about the outcome of the election. Praying.I keep reading that they are praying.I pray too, a lot....more
@Elisa Camahort You're welcome.  I think if more people weren't embarrassed or afraid of being ...more

I Had to be my Own Comic Relief This Election and I'm Still Giggling this Morning

Here are two funny stories about the last two elections.  One is about yesterday and one is about four years ago and my kids and how they interpreted things.  I promise I am very careful not to offend half of you.  You do realize half of us are stupid?  I am so glad it isn't you and I.I rolled the dice yesterday knowing that I live in a community of overachievers.I figured if I waited until the last minute to vote, all my responsible neighbors would be done already....more

Yes, that is me quoted on CNN today ABOUT BOTOX!

I am quoted by Shanon Cook from CNN today!Check it out!Does Botox affect the ability to parent?By Shanon Cook, CNNSee, I don't have to master the comma.  I can just be "quoted" and no more sweating over punctuation....more
@All That Makes You You are welcome! And you, Amiga, keep being you.   :)more

Hurricanes Remind Me How To Live

Seven years ago I found out that I just don't handle hurricanes well....more