4 Keys to Simple, Beautiful Kitchen Entertaining

I used to have a lot of anxiety about entertaining.  Having people over meant at least a day, if not two, of intense work and preparation. I don't know if I read too much Martha, but a dinner party was a BIG DEAL. ...more

Ten Ways to Use Leftover Rotisserie Chicken

The fantasy: Your house is clean. Your children have finished their homework and are playing by themselves quietly and without incident. You have the time to chop, sauté and simmer, and fill your house with good smells as you make a leisurely, healthy dinner, which your delighted family eats with enthusiasm. ...more

Yes, You Should Seize This Day

I think there's been a trend, exacerbated by the internet, of "Keeping it real." No, parenting isn't all roses and choruses of angels. Changing diapers is never fun. Sleep deprivation is rarely fun. Trying to find childcare when your kid has the sniffles and you and your husband both have "can't-miss" meetings at work? Not fun. But this constant complaining I see about how HARD parenting is doesn't provide the real picture either. I say this: If you aren't having any fun, you're doing it wrong. ...more
@IssaWaters And so many see helpful info as judgement. I'm not judging; I just want your life to ...more

Top 7 Lessons from Blogher Food


Tacos Por Favor -- Recipe -- Shredded Chicken Tacos with Tomatillo Sauce

  I like to to say I'm a California girl born and bred, but when I hit the tender age of seventeen I was ready for anything but. I wanted away from brown hills and palm trees, dry desert air and eternal sunshine. So when I graduated from high school, I lost no time in packing up my life and heading for college in New England. ...more