Sometimes Mothering Mistakes Are Permanent

On the inside of our master closet is a wall which has become our kids' growth chart. Over the years, I occasionally had our kids stand right up against that wall so I could mark their height along with the date. Unfortunately, I made the markings directly onto the wall instead of taping up a roll of paper and putting marks on it. We will never be able to move out of this house....more
We move often.  We've taken a few pieces of door frames with us... more

5 Excuses Parents Make for Their Bratty Little Children

Bratty children are a pain, and the only ones that can truly bring a difference in their attitude are their own parents. Sadly, not many parents want to do something about it, for them its easier to just make excuses.Below, I have listed the most common excuses parents make and what that could lead to. So go ahead and read. If you fit into any of the excuses below, then you really control the situation before it's too late....more
Ahhh... I'm so glad that my kids have gotten old enough to be discerning and to have developed ... more

If You've Ever Traveled with Kids, You Know Why We Look Like This Today

We have a 9-passenger Suburban, fully loaded for a 10-day road trip. There is not much extra space. The least lucky child is the one who has to sit in the third row, directly behind the driver. It is like an obstacle course to get into that spot. It is cramped and never the right temp, and there's usually tears and a fist fight over who has to sit there. Today the 6-year-old sat there. She had the most coveted spot the day before, between the driver and front seat passenger, so today is her day in the back. I am happily barreling down the highway, while the kids play with their electronic devices, read, and listen to music -- all completely happy. Then I hear the WORST possible sentence scream from the middle row....more
OMG!!!  I loved this:)  We only have five kids, but we used to live on the road in a bus and we ... more

I Gave My 8-Year-Old Son Permission to Run Away

"Nobody likes me in this family," Ryan ranted from his corner. And guess what, I don't like any of you back! I hate you all, even you!" Me? I sat on the edge of his bed. I took a breath. Not so easy to breathe frankly, when my child can yell at me and I yearn to yell back, to lapse into the equally childish. So before I could think of what to say, I said what I felt: "That's hurtful." My son's anger turned muted. Tearful. But he held his resolve. "I don't care! I'm running away! To California. The very farthest place on earth I can get from here." ...more
I only had one child threaten to run away.  We lived out int he middle of nowhere, and it was ... more

In Defense of Alicia Silverstone's Feeding Methods

Today's rant is about the video that circulating around about Alicia Silverstone feeding food to her son directly from her mouth. The general consensus out there from the media reports that I've read -- as well as comments from people in my twitter timeline -- is that she's insane and that feeding your child that way is gross. *BIG SIGH* Might I remind people that before blenders and jarred baby food, and most certainly back in the day and back home, mothers for generations upon generations, back to the dawn of man have been feeding their babies with pre-chewed food. ...more
I agree with you.  Its not like she's going around feeding strangers, its her child for crying ... more

Writing a Guest Post

Writing guest posts can be a little scary. Writing on your own blog is easier; it's your own personal space. But publishing your writing on someone else's blog for their readers can be intimidating. What if your host blogger dislikes your piece? What if none of her readers comment? Yikes! ...more
I've done a couple of guest posts from my Clean Eating Blog, and one for my new children's show ... more

I'm Missing the Mommy Gene

When my son was born, I ran out and joined the first mom’s group that I could find. And then I promptly quit it. I was so looking forward to the companionship of other females, but what I found were these odd one-up-manship mommy power-hours, where women, clothed in vegan, organic cotton yoga ensembles sparred endlessly over any and all parenting-related topics. You use cloth diapers? Well we make our own cloth diapers from recycled nun’s habits. You make your own baby food? Well I nursed my first child until he left for college… for his master’s degree....more
I was always a SAHM when all of my kids were little.  I breastfed and cloth diapered... oh, and ... more

Commenting Policies and Sock Puppetry

Sock puppetry is when a user creates a second account on the same site and uses it to pretend to be a second person, either expressing the same idea they expressed the first time around or pretending to agree and support the "other person" who made the first assertion. Some people use sock puppetry positively, creating several additional voices to chime in with a "me too" or an additional supportive review. Others use it negatively to create the illusion that several critical comments are all being given by unrelated people and are therefore more valid. Either way, sock puppetry is about deception, and some sites are creating specific policies against it. ...more
I am still new enough that I rarely even GET comments.  When I do, they tend to be helpful and ... more

Understanding The Troubles With Teenage Boys

Most of us have learned the language of worrying about teenage girls: We talk about self-esteem, body image, mean girls, ambition. We teach them to turn inward for approval and decision-making, rather than relying on peers as pilot lights for their life. We tolerate their vanity, their need always to be in a group of friends, whether in person or online, and their snide, condescending remarks toward us as they begin the long, slow process of separating. Indeed, there is a pretty well-defined and understood arc that a teenage girl goes through. This is not to say it isn't riven with potential pitfalls, but we believe we know the dynamic after twelve years of discovery and research, ever since Mary Pipher wrote her watershed book about the crisis of being 13, Reviving Ophelia. ...more
I am so glad that I have a good relationship with my boys.  I treat them according to their ... more

Gendered Frustration and Worry for My Boy

Gender is a funny concept. Boys do these things, and girls do these things, right? HAHAHAHA. Sure, boys and girls are different, but it makes me INSANE when toys and activities and dress is brought into boys and girls stuff. A Facebook friend posted a picture of her little boy, who is in Pre-K, wearing a dress, high heels, and a tiara. Multiple comments remarked, jokingly, that she need to call and make him an appointment with a psych....more
I'm glad my boys were born 16 & 17 years ago... thankfully we didn't have the internet and ... more