"Why Is Rue Black?" Racism and the Hunger Games

The Hunger Games opened this weekend as the third-highest grossing film of all time, behind only Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part Two, and The Dark Knight....more
Honestly, between the Trayvon Martin (non)case and the "I cared less that she (Rue) died because ... more

The Key Holiday Ingredient Is Always Family

Over the years I have learned a few shortcuts and tips to make my life easier at holiday time. With my busy lifestyle, I just don’t have the time Grandma did. But you know, even if I did, I wouldn’t want to spend the amount of time in the kitchen that she used to spend there. I want to spend more time enjoying the actual holiday snuggling on the sofa watching a parade or movie or visiting with my extended family....more
For my holiday cookie baking, I save time by leaving the mixer in the drawer. Mixing everything ... more

Life Well Lived Moments Sweepstakes 4: Share A Moment and Enter to Win $250

This sweepstakes is now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered! Please check out our new sweepstakes launching December 23 for a chance to win a Kindle Fire!. ...more
My favorite holiday memory this year has been baking cookies with my boys. It has been so much fun! more

One-Minute Activism: How You Can Remove Poisons From Our Food and Air

This week, I'm devoting this post and BlogHer's weekly newsletter to making it easy for you to take action to protect yourself and those you love in one minute from your computer. The Environmental Protection Agency is issuing new Mercury and Air Toxics Standards at the end of this week. The problem? A utility lobby doesn't want to have to act on these standards, and is pressuring Congress and President Obama. Specifically, according to the non-partisan, nonprofit Moms Clean Air Force: "Hazardous air pollution comes from our oldest and dirtiest coal-fired power plants. Many utility executives have cleaned up their plants—and it has not hurt their financial health, or our economy. But now a handful of other coal utility companies, armed with powerful polluter lobbyists, is urging that clean-up be delayed—and fighting to weaken clean air standards for the most toxic pollutants." ...more
I joined because every person - adults and children alike - deservesvclean air. more

Muppets Go Viral: What We Can Learn from Their Social Media Campaign

Everyone wants a post, idea, art, or product to go viral, though there's obviously no true-and-tried formula... right? I mean, yes, create something fantastic that touches people's hearts is a good place to start, but even that doesn't ensure that the world will wake up and notice. Which is why people are studying how to create viral moments, such as the very successful media campaign for the new Muppet movie. ...more
I think that the biggest thing that I noticed (after seeing an advanced screening of the movie) ... more

NaBloPoMo Soup: Open Thread for November NaBloPoMo Posts

You have posts and we want to read them. This is an open thread for people to post a link to their daily November NaBloPoMo posts that they publish on their personal blogs. Please use the comment section below to add your post, and peruse the comment section in order to find great things to read as well as support your fellow NaBloPoMo'ers. Bookmark this post so you can use it all month. ...more
The BEST Mothering Choice: ... more

What Age Should You Let Your Child Walk Home Alone?

I don't know the family at all, but I can't stop thinking about them.  It took me a while to stop crying for them this morning.  Perhaps it is because I can so easily put my family in their family's shoes.  If you don't live in NYC, you might not even know about the family of eight-year-old Leiby Kletzky.  Lost on the way walking home from day camp, the little boy made the fateful mistake...more

That's the thing...they need "their" moments. I guess that we all (parents) just have to play it ... more

How Much Is a Babysitter Worth to Your Health & Marriage?

A small hint of silver lining to the Great Recession is that the national average for an hour of babysitting has decreased by 50 cents from $9.80 in 2008 to $9.30 in 2011, according to Care.com. This rate, however, varies wildly by location, and many of us in major metropolitan areas pay between $12-$16 an hour for sitting. In Boston, the country’s most expensive childcare market, I’ll pay between $15-$17 an hour for an occasional sitter....more

It's a challenge here in NYC too! We had set up a swap with my brother-in-law and his wife ... more

6 Months Later and $38 Richer

I blog.I love to blog.I blog about blogging, attempting to be a WAHM and Online Passive Income.I started back in September 2010 but really didn't pick up and become serious until January 2011, that is when I consider my start. My journey to $38. Six months ago....more

I didn't really make a lot of money from my Mom in the City blog that I had for the last 6 ... more

Should San Francisco Ban Circumcision?

A while back, I wrote a hot post -- "A Case Against Circumcision" -- about a super controversial issue which CNN reports is showing up in the limelight now that a group seeking to ban circumcision of any male younger than 18 in San Francisco has succeeded in getting their controversial measure on the November ballot. ...more

I'm just glad that my days of bearing children are over (knock on wood). I have two sons who ... more