DIY Citronella Soy Candle

It's that time of year where bugs (both good and no-so-good) are invading our backyards and patios. While I don't want to do anything to hurt "helpful" bugs like spiders and ladybugs, I am not a big fan of mosquitos! The always seem to come buzzing around at that exact worst moment... like when you've invited your neighbors over for a barbeque, and you're JUST about to serve the hot dogs. Here's a way to get those mosquitos and other flying insects to buzz off: Make your own citronella soy candle. The lemony scent of citronella can send the pests packing. ...more
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Mint Tin Upcycled Mini Album

Have you been snapping a ton of photos this summer? Me too. It's not the "taking" of the pictures that's tough for me... it's the What do I do with them? afterwards that sometimes gets me stuck.Here's a simple and cheap DIY idea for showing off those precious pictures. The finished project is so small... you can tuck it in your purse. And the next time someone asks you about what you did for vacation-- you can show them!...more
Hello there, Malia! Welcome to BlogHer! I just love your idea for this mini treasure box ready ...more