Abortion wounds

I'm not taking sides here, just have mixed feelings about abortion and want to air this out. I blogged on the therapeutic (or not so therapeutic) realities of abortion, and don't want to repeat it all here, but basically observe, as a therapist for many years that patients, women AND men, still grieve their loss years later, sometimes at the most unsuspecting moments. ...more

I recently wrote an article with regard to the choices women make and how it can come back to ... more

UPDATED: Your BlogHer buttons have moved -- get 'em here!

New BlogHer Network Widgets to place in your side bar: For those of you looking for a generic BlogHer button, we've got two for you to choose from. <a href="http://www.blogher.com"><img title="BlogHer.com" src="http://www.blogher.com/files/generic_150x60_2_0.gif" alt="BlogHer.com Logo"></a> Or ...more

Lord, I would give my right arm to speak at the conference. I discovered the site too late, I ... more

A Perilous Journey Through a Personal Blog

Contributing Editor: Chantel Williams also blogs at Life and Times of Chantel There is an aspect to personal blogging that makes it different than any other type of blog. In a personal blog you can find anything from the "Lost" recap one day to a deeply personal and heart-stopping missive to a lost love. Personal bloggers share with us their stories and their lessons in a unique way that our busy lives no longer permit. When was the last time you sat with someone and really listened to their story? ...more


What an absolute honor to be mentioned here. I was doing a search on my name (blog ... more