Lee Ann AKA YaYa Turinsky

I am a quilter, fabric lover, mother and grandmother otherwise known as YaYa. I... read more

Lee Ann AKA YaYa Turinsky


I am a quilter, fabric lover, mother and grandmother otherwise known as YaYa.

I grew up near Cape Canaveral Floridia. My dad worked in the space program, my mom, as most mothers were during the late 50's, was a stay at home mom. When I was 12 we moved back to Texas, where I was born and my fathers roots. I lived in Lake Highlands. Back in the day, it was called Cowboy Hill. You guessed it, lots of Dallas Cowboys lived there.

My daughter was born in 1980, my mother passed away in 1982. After a series of events I was raising my daughter as a single mother. Time marches on............

Fast forward to 2003. I reconnected with a long lost classmate. The love story of the 21st Century blossomed. My daughter has graduated from college, is getting married and so is mom! I married my soul mate, best friend. Oh yes, I forget to add I moved to the bush of Alaska and LOVED IT!

Fast forward to 2008. I loved my life in Alaska, I loved my husband. Life was darn near perfect. Suddenly, the Doc said three words, Congestive Heart Failure. My husband was living on borrowed time. We learned to love each and every day, have fun, laugh, never go to bed angry, and thank God for each day he gave us. Then, June 9, 2008 my sweet Al was called home. He passed away in my arms at home where he wanted to be.

Now it's 2010 and I am going to be a grandmother AKA YaYa (the name my grandson will give me) At the urging of my family I placed my home up for sale. Never thinkng it would sell, remember, I LOVE ALASKA! I traveled to Texas to prepare for my grandsons birth. On the anniversary of my husbands passing, the real estate agent calls and says that my home had sold. OK, I get it, Al is telling me it is time to leave the mountain and go back to Texas.

2012 and I am back in Texas, I'm a YaYa again to a wonderful little girl. I will never ever regret moving back to Texas, I love my grandchildren and I would never leave them. BUT I get up each and every day and miss Alaska and my friends. God has placed me here, I know this is where I am supposed to be.

I have lost my MOJO and have not quilted much since moving back to Texas. I miss my quilting buddies in Alaska, I can't seem to find a place where I live that I fit it. It's a journey and I'll make it to the destination.

I decided that maybe I would hold myself more accountable if I blogged and posted what I was working on.

Let the journey begin! Welcome to my world and remember, to always Measure Twice, Cut Once!