5 top professions for new moms

So you have just had a baby, you are bleary eyed, and massively sleep deprived to say the least. In the US, at about 6-weeks, your paid-maternity leave ends and its time for you to head or rather wander back to work. At this point, you really wish you had chosen one of the more ‘family friendly professions’.  When thinking about a top profession for a mom, I would consider flexibility as a key factor....more
This is a really good list, and something for women to consider. I would also suggest thinking ...more

Re: Avoiding the "GO TO JAIL" free card: Tips on what NOT to get for Mother's day or Mothering Sunday

About two weeks ago in the playground, a journalist asked me if I was a mommy blogger. Who? What is a mommy blogger anyway? It was definitely the first time I had heard of this…and my crazy ability to do soo many foreign accents kept ringing through my head…with the following question German style “Vas iss zis mommy blogger sing enyvay” (translation what is this mommy blogger thing anyway). So I read several mommy blogs, and I thought…nah, I am definitely NOT a mommy blog. Until I read my post on ‘second child and up? i think i got this....more

To burb or not to burb?

As families decide to have more children, or once their children become of school age, many start to contemplate whether or not to move to the suburbs. Depending on which suburb you choose to live in, the cost of living can be much lower and the quality a lot higher. However, this decision is very individual and really depends on what factors individuals value most highly on the list as well as each couple's personality (ie. are you a city or a suburban person at the end of the day)....more

The qualm of the transplanted parent

Tonight, after having returned from a vacation with my family, I started reflecting on the trials of childrearing when your family support network lives far from your home. At first I thought this would typically be a problem faced by international families and expatriates. And then I realized that actually it was also a problem faced by families have had to live in cities either because of jobs or because of choice (many parents that were raised in the suburbs, countryside or in a small town or village make a conscious decision not to return to this lifestyle for a myriad of reasons)....more

How much is too much for a pair of kids's sunglasses?

Who says our kids can’t be cool? Isn’t it funny the impact that sunglasses have on a child as little as two? The coolness factor, I like to call it, which i think is inherent in all of us. I mean, really, isn’t it strange how kids as young as two feel so totally awesomely cool once they slip on that first pair of sunglasses. Its no wonder that we as parents, take such pride in buying them their first pair of sunglasses at the point of purchase....more

Family friendly travel: For the international jet setter, the unhotel, London anyone?

Family friendly vacations: For the international jet setter, the unhotel, London anyone??Family friendly vacations: for the international jet setter, the unhotel, London anyone??...more

What news, magazines or apps are you reading to stay current

Today, I had planned to post a blog about something really fun for my kids but after dealing with a terrible twos tantrum, colic and then a 5-year old meltdown, I felt the need to write about something more pertinent for parents....more