On Internet Trolls and the Kindness of Readers

Social media has been a wonderful way to bring people together, reconnect with former classmates, brag about your children and share more information than most people are actually interested in. I’m typically quite entertained by Facebook posts or tweets from clever, funny people. Unfortunately, social media also attracts many who use it as a place to bully, demean, argue, rant, complain, swear, and generally work to make the rest of us miserable. ...more

The Dirty Little Secret of A Control Freak

About six times a year I travel for business leaving my husband and at least two children and a high-energy alpha puppy behind.  My typical practice prior to leaving is to compose an outrageously detailed novella on what my husband and children must do during every moment that I am gone.  Some common sentences from the novella include, “Feed my dog”  “Wake the children up for school”  “Feed the kids breakfast and don’t miss the bus”  “Lock the door before bedtime” and the apparently less than obvious, “Put the kids to bed at a decent hour.”  ...more

Zero Pounds Lost; Best Year Ever

2012 was the best year of my 50-year-old life.   Most of the other years were really nice but this one was a standout.   In 2012 I didn’t lose a pound, didn’t drop a clothes size, didn’t win the lottery, didn’t find a cure for cancer, didn’t win the Nobel Peace prize, didn’t change my relationship status, and I didn’t run a marathon (not even a half marathon).   My children did not cure cancer either, nor did they get perfect ACT scores, or athletic scholarships, they didn’t invent a million dollar app or get published in a world famous science journal.  I...more

The 50-Year-Old Gratitude List

November appears to have become “Gratitude Month” and that’s a nice thing. I’ll gladly jump on this bandwagon though I try to be grateful all year round. This year gave me a lot of opportunities to think about all that I am thankful for. I turned 50 this year and was rather shocked by all of the people who asked me if I was upset about getting older. Really? I’m thrilled that I’m getting older in that it means that I’m still here annoying the people I love and anyone who disagrees with me....more

Bullies? I wonder where they got that.

It seems that almost every day we read a terrible story of a child suffering chronic abuse at the hands of bullies.   These aptly named people seem to be relentless in their ability to attack, demean, and belittle their intended victim.  In trying to understand why people bully I see hand wringing, finger pointing, and general confusion as to how and why people become bullies.  I’m not feeling that confusion. ...more

Women’s Voices; I Can’t Hear You!

Last year I opened the virtual doors to my own business.  It was a dream come true brought about by hard work and lots of advice from some really brilliant people.  One piece of advice I received from a number of sources was to get active on social media but to make sure that my activity wasn’t political.  This advice might be good for some people and some companies but I don’t think it’s good advice for me.  ...more

Herstory and Your Story

I love a good rags to riches story not in terms of financial riches but the bigger picture riches of a life well lived filled with things that mattered most to the storyteller.  My favorite stories are from women and lately I’ve happened upon some pretty amazing ones.  I’ve begun to wonder if there are more stories out there or if I’m just looking for inspiration from womankind.  Either way, I’m profoundly grateful for Her Story and the writers that share their most intimate moments. ...more

Spanish or guitar, what's a controlling mother to do?

When my oldest child was a sophomore in high school he dropped a big bomb on me.  He asked to stop taking Spanish class and instead take guitar.  I’d always planned on my children being bilingual.  You may think this would be a good time to point out that that might not be my decision, but I would really appreciate if you would keep that to yourself.  How is a mother supposed to control her children with judgments from others? ...more

No Mom Regrets: Let Them Eat Cake (Donuts)

Last year my oldest child left for college, which happened about 24 hours after he was born. Or at least that’s how it felt to me. I can look back and think of a few things that I regret as his mom; nothing too serious, just a thing or two that I might change. I do, however, have a list of things that I refuse to regret even if some might consider me a bad mom. I plan on holding on to these same non-regrets (and maybe a few more) with my other two children....more
Now that's my kind of list! I agree on each one and in fact did each one (daughters now 28 and ...more

The Feminist and the High School Girl; is there Hope?

This is the year that my daughter begins high school.  I’m trying very hard not to be fearful or dread it yet I can’t help but remember the hell that I gave my mother and her promise that she’s going to laugh when I have my own teen-aged daughter.   Throw in my feminist beliefs, my constant women empowerment speeches, and my fiery political views and you have the possibility of mom/daughter combustion.  Not to mention, my daughter is no shrinking violet and has never been afraid to disagree with me or tell me that I’m completely out of touch....more