Up and Down: What Motherhood Feels Like

A spunky blonde stood in the front of our MOPS meeting, talking about food as fuel and eating plants rather than things that made in a plant. "But what about goldfish?" I thought. We eat the tiny cheddar crackers in waves but seemed to be drowning in them lately. The blonde mentioned a website called Weelicious that had tons of healthy recipes for kids. I made a mental note and was excited when one of the first recipes I saw that afternoon was for whole wheat baked cheddar crackers. "Goldfish, smoldfish," I told myself....more
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An Open Letter to Ann Romney: Stop Misleading Women

An Open Letter to Ann Romney: Stop Misleading WomenDear Mrs. Romney,I’ve got a story for you....more
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Of Fearlessness and Bangs

Last Tuesday, I walked into a hair salon and held up a picture on my cell phone. “Bangs,” I said. The stylist was new and asked me if I was out of school that day. It might be that asking your hair stylist to make you look like Taylor Swift does nothing to dissuade her from the somewhat-popular notion that you are a 16-year-old girl. ...more
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Hurricane Sandy – I Lost Power But Maybe Found a Stronger Connection

It has been a few days since hurricane Sandy reached the Northeast and caused havoc for millions. I remained in my apartment in New York City for three days with my two daughters without electricity or water. The days had their challenges but I noticed how my daughters and I all stayed together the entire time. We ate, slept, talked and played together. We laughed about the non-working toilet that was starting to smell and the hard biscuits I made in the dark....more
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How to Get a Happier Marriage: Stop Gnawing on Your Grievances Like Hot Wings

I'm certain I'm not the only person out there who -- upon entering married bliss -- assumed my way of living was the best way, if not the only way. I may be a unique case in that I assumed finances should be attacked immediately and with death-ray focus, that random piles of paper were a sign of of the Armageddon and that birthdays should be celebrated with fanfare and ticker tape parades. However, I was unprepared for my husband's ability to tell with psychic intuition whether or not I had really ironed my shirt before I stepped out of the bedroom. And it mattered to him. ...more
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After Sandy: Life on the South Shore of Long Island

My daughter, Carsen, is in Manhattan, and I am on the south shore of Long Island. We blogged about Superstorm Sandy from before it started through the day after. But the story continues below and on Carsen's Blog.Wednesday, October 31, 2012: Day 2 Post-Sandy“You have to stay in it to win it.”...more
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Meeting the Needs of the "Easier" Child

Towards the end of the summer, my daughter got exponentially more ready to go back to school with each day that passed. She began a countdown, started laying out her clothes, talking about who might be her teacher and what classmates she hoped to have. The day finally came where we could stop by the school and check the class lists, so we did a quick drive by. She was disappointed to find out that she was split up from pretty much all her friends, but we decided it would be fine and that she could use this as an opportunity to grow and make new friends....more
Good for you for going with your Mommy instincts. NO ONE can ever know your child like you do! I ... more