Please, Don't Touch My Child's Face

We were very lucky to not experience too many people trying to touch Norah when she was a newborn. We got lots of, "Congrats, she's cute" in the store but people politely kept their distance. Suddenly now that she's older that is all different. Now that Norah (who is currently almost 10-months-old) is old enough to sit in the grocery cart she is apparently free game. You'd think that seeing as I have a cart cover to protect her from all of the flesh eating viruses (shopping carts are where those are found right??), people would realize I'm one of THOSE parents....more
We totally have the same problem! What's wrong with those people, have they no kids of their ... more

I Gave My 8-Year-Old Son Permission to Run Away

"Nobody likes me in this family," Ryan ranted from his corner. And guess what, I don't like any of you back! I hate you all, even you!" Me? I sat on the edge of his bed. I took a breath. Not so easy to breathe frankly, when my child can yell at me and I yearn to yell back, to lapse into the equally childish. So before I could think of what to say, I said what I felt: "That's hurtful." My son's anger turned muted. Tearful. But he held his resolve. "I don't care! I'm running away! To California. The very farthest place on earth I can get from here." ...more
I love this post! I totally did that to my mom when I was five and have apologized every year of ... more