Facebook as a Parenting Punishment Tool: Good Idea?

Denise Abbott's decision to publicly discipline her daughter on Facebook sets a precedent to be public about their issues. Technically, her 13-year-old Ava set this precedent when she first disrespected her mother online, but Denise followed suit. If the experts who say that modeling proper behavior is the best way to teach children life skills, like discretion and respect, then arguably Abbott's choice of discipline may have inadvertently reinforced her daughter's behavior instead of curbed it. Kind of like spanking a child to punish him for hitting, or screaming at a child for throwing a tantrum....more
I wouldn't ever humiliate my son like this.  This parent is wrong, wrong, wrong!   more

Ashley Judd Tongue Lashes Culture of Criticism; It Burns

Have you read the piece that Ashley Judd wrote for The Daily Beast about the recent media attack on her "puffy face", but moreover about how not okay it is that such attacks even take place?  Because you really should....more
Thank you for this! I had touched upon this lightly (maybe a bit too lightly) with my post the ... more

Super Secret Methodist Mafia Moms Egg Salad Recipe

OK, I am putting my life on the line to give you this super-secret recipe for the best egg salad ever made. If the Methodist Mafia Moms find out I sent this out I am Methodist Mud, so enjoy but never disclose your source!...more
For extra pretty, dip the finger sandwich edges in paprika a litte bit ! more