A Tip to the Graduating Class of 2012

It was the start of my first semester in college and I was being led by my friend into my University's on-campus bank to apply for a credit card.  "You'll find that you can't live without it.  It's soooo convenient.  It's better than having cash!" she excitedly exclaimed. ...more
As students we need to educate ourselves about money. A lot of people may be completely unaware ...more

Newly Married and Bah-Roke

The day after our wedding, instead of frolicking together on a white sandy beach, we were sitting at my husband's office desk. For the first time in our three-year relationship, we were examining and discussing each other's finances. $153 positive was what we had together and what we would have for a whole month (we were both also newly unemployed). Yes, we received wedding financial gifts that totalled a little over $2,000, but that was immediately set aside to pay our then credit cards' minimum monthly dues -- which neither of us knew the other had. ...more
wow, I understand alot of couples go through this even after they have a discussion. be ...more