Porn On A Treadmill

 A while ago, I figured out that the best way to deal with the gym workouts that my broken neck require of me (as opposed to what I used to call "real" workouts, doing real things in the real world,) is to watch TV and movies on my iPod. Today I watched the first two hours of a truly interesting documentary about the history of porn as it relates to the history of civilization....more
A very provoking and thoughtful read, thank you. more

The Terrible Tragedy of the Healthy Eater

I know you. We have a lot in common. You have been doing some reading and now you are pretty sure everything in the grocery store and your kitchen cupboards is going to kill you. ...more
I too enjoyed seeing the fact that she has actually researched all this stuff and gone a little ... more

The Terrible Tragedy of the Healthy Eater

I know you. We have a lot in common. You have been doing some reading and now you are pretty sure everything in the grocery store and your kitchen cupboards is going to kill you. ...more
As a newly diagnosed Celiac who is trying to heal her gut (and therefore not eating a large ... more

Do You Really Need a Stronger Vagina?

I was probably 12 or 13 when Cosmopolitan magazine first taught me about my pelvic floor. Well, more accurately, they taught me about Kegels and how all women should be doing them to strengthen their pelvic floor, and also their vaginas! A pelvic floor should be strong. And so should our vaginas!...more
 @BenSherry Have you actually read the article that recommends squatting? Do you understand the ... more

Did You Know You Need to Earn Money to Be Feminist?

Writer Elizabeth Wurtzel dropped a bomb on SAHMs this week with her Atlantic piece, "1% Wives Are Helping Kill Feminism and Make the War on Women Possible." The tagline? "Being a mother isn't a real job -- and the men who run the world know it." Despite The Atlantic being one of my favorite magazines and consistently putting out stellar editorial, my first reaction was, "What a load of crap!"...more
 @SHembree So very true, and something that I think is forgotten a lot of the time. more

Do You Say "Minorities" or "People of Color?"

Recently, the latest Census report revealed that the majority of babies born in the U.S. are non-white, which has prompted the question: does it make sense to keep using the term “minority” to describe blacks, Latinos, Asians and Native Americans? ...more
I am English, recently transplanted to America. Believe it or not, my culture is very different ... more

Suicide: A Child's Perspective

I was twelve when my father killed himself. That is young. That is a very impressionable age. Eighteen years later I can say that I kind of wish I never knew. I wish people had lied to me until I was older, old enough to say, “meh, really he killed himself, gee I never knew.” instead of being that young and doing every single thing wrong -- beginning the day I found out. When you are twelve you don’t fully understand loss. What you do understand is that people are suddenly really nice to you. As a kid I learned that the boy I had a crush on was nicer to me for an entire week because my dad had died. I learned that the mean girls were nice for a few days, and I learned that people around me were saying, “go easy on her, she just lost her dad.” Not every twelve year old would react like me, but my reaction? ...more
I just wanted to say that I have been there. I have been both the child affected by suicide, and ... more

I Am An 'Unchurched' Christian

If you google the words "unchurched Christian", what you'll find is first, a Barna survey exploring the percentages of individuals who claim to be Christians but don't attend church, and second, quite literally thousands of blogs, articles, "Pastor's Corners", and comments from churched Christians on why *they* think these people no longer attend, why *they* think these people are in the wrong, and the most appalling dis...more
I too am an unchurched Christian. Thank you so much for writing this, my journey thus far has ... more

In Defense of the 'Unladylike' Christian Woman

A few months ago I wrote a couple of blogs about men, women, sex, marriage, masturbation, infidelity and Christianity. They were widely read, my blog stats were happy to report. I received some great feedback, too. And a half-joking guarantee I’d never be invited to speak in church in any of the southernmost states of the U.S.A. And that’s quite okay.And then, there was this - emailed directly to me, not left as a comment on the blog:Dear Jo,...more
Thank you so much for writing this! You make so much make sense, and point out flaws in my own ... more

Drug-Free or C-Section: Giving Birth Is the Least Important Thing You'll Do as a Mom

How important can birthing be to motherhood if someone else can do it for you and it doesn’t affect the way you mother at all? It is kind of an ordinary biological process when it comes down to it. And if that is the case, it can’t really matter that much to your baby if he or she is born au natural in a birth center, or if you’re opened up for retrieval. I can pretty much guarantee that your baby couldn't care less. The end result for them was the same. I’m not arguing that birth is not important. I’m just arguing that it is a moment. And it is a moment that, in the long run, doesn’t really matter to your baby at all....more
 @leahmsilverman Perfectly, wonderfully said.   Is there something specific that you would like ... more