Are You Really Reading YA?

A Field Guide to YA Book IdentificationAround the ol' interwebs, there seems to be some confusion about what "YA" is and what books fit into this category.To quickly clarify, it does not stand for "Young Age" nor does it stand for "Yeah, Anything." It stands for "Young Adult," meaning -- loosely -- "teen." It is a book category (not a genre, which is another one of my linguistic bugaboos) with an teenage audience in mind. It is not a reading level. ...more
I've fallen into the "must read every YA book ever written" trap. I think it's because I'm ...more

Stop Telling Me What to Read!

Why the HELL do we even care what people do or do not read?" Seriously. Why is this important to so many people? It seems that at least once a month, there's some new article (50 percent of which feature Jonathan Franzen bloviating about his supposed superiority) asserting that we should read X, that we should not read Y and that "serious readers*" would most definitely should not read Z. ...more
My criteria for what books I read?  That it's well written and the story grabs me right out of ...more