The Trailing Spouse

Many many years ago when my dad finished his PhD my parents were praying for a job for my dad. They actually said, "Lord, send us to the ends of the earth if you have to." We ended up in Newfoundland. He sent my family to the end of Canada. Where arguably we DID learn a new language (repeat after me, "stay where yer at, I'll come where yer to.")Little did I know that I was watching my future by watching my parents experience life far away from anything familiar. My husband and I weren't sent to the ends of the earth but we were sent to a place that a lot assume is Sweden....more
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Back in My Day: Should We Parent Like It's 1984?

How many times have you started a sentence, "Well, back in my day..." Well, back in my day, we didn't have Power Wheels or fancy wood fort swing sets or any of that jazz. I had a metal swing set, some balls and an 89 acre farm to explore. I was outside all day, all summer. Tricia at Imprints from Tricia wonders if we shouldn't parent like it's 1984, if we shouldn't back off and let kids figure things out on their own a bit. I think she has some good points....more
We live in an affluent US suburb, and have noticed an interesting phenomenon. We have four ... more