I've Never Had A Best Friend

I’ve never had a best friend.I’m not saying that so you’ll feel sorry for me. It’s just a realization that I’ve had over and over and over again in my life. Image: Texasbubba via Flickr ...more
I get it Fadra.  I miss having a best friend and I did have one in high school, until she ... more

BlogHer '12 Twitter Roll Call!

Want to get to know your fellow BlogHer '12 attendees before you arrive in New York? Leave your Twitter handle and follow the others who have already left theirs so you can tweet about your conference plans.Find the official list on Twitter at http://twitter.com/BlogHerEvents/blogher-12-attendees

BlogHer '11 Twitter Roll Call!

Hello Ladies (and the occasional Gentleman)!I'm making a big old list of people on Twitter that will be attending BlogHer this summer in San Diego!Want to be listed? Reply with your Twitter handle!You can find the ever expanding list here. (link corrected!!)Thanks! And see you there! (And if you want to check me out on Twitter, I'm @jennamariebee!)

Announcing the BlogHer Handmade '11 Call for Ideas

Please submit panel ideas that could fit into one of the following tracks: 1) Content and Community Building, including topics such as how to engage your readers, how to build a community of other bloggers, blogging etiquette and ethics; 2) Traffic Building: focusing on using technology to build traffic -- everything from SEO to social media distribution; 3) Monetization: anything you need to know to turn your avocation or hobby into an income stream. ...more

April 4th - on the calendar to register. You have no idea how excited I am about this ... more

Announcing BlogHer's Newest Event: BlogHer Handmade '11

Lisa, Jory and I are thrilled to announce the latest addition to the BlogHer Conferences family: BlogHer Handmade '11. ...more

I've had this event bookmarked ever since I couldn't attend last year. I'm so ... more

Open Sky Lets Bloggers Open Bloggy Storefronts

Most bloggers who self-host their sites need to find a way to meet those minimal hosting bills, and others are trying to monetize their blog in order to have some cash for all their work. Advertisements are an easy way to earn a bit of money. Others have expanded into doing reviews, usually in exchange for a free product. There may be a new way to monetize a blog on the horizon. ...more

I am a blogger who does NOT have an OpenSky shop. Sure I've thought about it and considered it, ... more

BlogHer '10 Speaker Spotlight, June 1, 2010 -- Good Blog Design: The Role of Layout In an Online Medium

If content is queen, does that mean that the platform you use to share content is her palace? And aren't palaces supposed to be both beautiful and functional? We like to think so, which is why we're talking about the role of copy layout and design in the BlogHer '10 writing lab. We're calling this session "Good Blog Design: The Role of Layout in an Online Medium." Now, this isn't a Geek Lab session, so we're not going to turn you into a web designer. But you will learn the concepts and language that matter when deciding how your site should look, feel and work. ...more

I cannot wait to sit in on this session and learn from such inspiring women.

Tonya writes ... more

T-Mobile Is Looking Forward To BlogHer ’10!

T-Mobile is excited about being part of the wonderful BlogHer ’10 Conference – our third year in a row sponsoring!  We can’t wait to see some of our friends, including Leticia Barr with Tech Savvy Mama, Kristin Ruiz with Our Ordinary Life and Jennifer Leet with The Dirty tShirt blog....more

I will be in town all day Thursday so if this works with my schedule I would love to ... more

Announcing the First Crop of Room of Your Own Sessions at BlogHer '10

Today we're excited to be announcing the first crop of Room of Your Own selections for four tracks: Passions, Geek Lab, Writing Lab and Job Lab. ...more

I'm really, really looking forward to all of those fantastic photo and editing  tips in ... more

Momspotting: How Much Do You Help Your Kid With School?

Education was a hot topic this past week in #momspotting. You can follow BlogHer's Momspotters on our interactive map in the Family Connections group. The Momspotting map tracks our 21 on-the-ground reporters, who are tweeting their daily experiences with parenting and tech. ...more

I'm with Giyen, I'm hopeless at algebra and it's my teenagers weakness too.  He takes an ... more