What Marissa Mayer did Wrong: An HR Perspective

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How America Killed My Sex Life

I am currently in India visiting friends and family with the kids.  ...more
i think the comments here are predictable first-world, self-righteousness. The social culture in ...more

Support or Slander: Do Moms Keep Each Other Down?

Totlandia, the new multi-series story by bestselling Bay Area author Josie Brown (The Baby Planner, The Secret Lives of Husbands and Wives) takes us into the lives of the ladies of San Francisco’s most elite mommies group, where image is everything and flawlessness is the norm....more

How Women Who Don't Take Maternity Leave Damage Themselves and Other Moms

I just had my second baby. It was easier in that I wasn't freaked out by every sniffle or oddly colored poo, my husband didn't offer an opinion on everything and I somewhat knew what to expect in the delivery room. But it in so many other respects it was the same or harder: hormones going ballistic, aching back from the heavy breasts and constant hunching over, and oh yeah, the toddler older sibling. But somehow the fact that I had done it once before put me under the deluded assumption that I was invincible and that recovery would be a breeze. Big mistake. ...more
There is absolutely no reason why we shouldn't have a mandatory paid maternity leave for at ...more

Down with Mompreneurs

Not the people, the word. ...more
Absolutely! I run a private daycare out of my home. Like you, I'm an entrepreneur who ...more

How To Deal With Hostile Flight Attendants Without Getting Arrested

It's an interesting juxtaposition of events:One: Airlines are streamlining their budgets, trying to cut costs on everything from food to baggage and of course, personnel. The result: overworked, underpaid airline staff who have to juggle the dual role of being glorified bus boys with terrorist-fighting 007's AND impatient, frustrated passengers, sick of airlines trying to get them to pay more for less and less and less....more

Apps for the iPad that Occupy Traveling Kids

I’ve shamelessly touted the iPad as my favorite travel accessory and now you can stock yours up with a bunch of apps that will keep your tot busy, or at least clicking around, while you travel. Some of them Karam has been playing since he was 18 months and others he is still growing into. Figure it out, based on your child’s age and interests. The good news is, more than half of them are free! ...more

Thanks for the suggestions- I’ll be sure to check out the Dr. Seuss app. I am constantly amazed ...more

Whose Business is Business?

It’s been all over the news: the top of the passenger food chain (corporate folk who routinely spend exorbitant sums of their firms’ money to fly business class) ...more