London with a Three Year Old: British Museum

We are in London for ten days, traveling with the hubby who's there on business. First day in the city was a loss. We got into our airbnb apartment around 2 and promptly napped. We know, we shouldn't have but it was inevitable. Out for a walk and dinner at the pub then bed. The little girl had other ideas. She seemed to think it was a nap and only slept three hours! ...more

Toddler Tales: Self-Weaning Completed

The little girl and I have finally said goodbye to breastfeeding. It is a little bittersweet, I have to admit.Breastfeeding wasn't easy at first. I needed a lot of help getting started and was very lucky to have a great lactation nurse at the hospital. For three months we used a nipple shield. The little girl decided when she didn't need it anymore. We EBF until she was 6 months old, when we started to introduce solids- a mix of purees, cereal and BLW....more

The Neverending Stole

I’m H...more

Sherlock Holmes Reading Challenge

@Denise I know! I have a large TBR pile as well. A couple Sherlock books amongst them. :)more