The Exercise That Opened My Eyes to White Privilege

I used to be what I would consider "white privilege neutral." I believed it existed, but I unknowingly had the wrong definition in my head. I thought that white privilege was class exclusive, and that it was really only financially pertinent. ...more
Thank you for sharing a post that made me think. more

The Death of Robin Williams, And What Suicide Isn't

I was coming home from a long day of working when I saw the news on Twitter. Today, probably sometime this morning, Robin Williams, beloved American actor, passed away in his California home. The coroner suspects that he committed suicide, probably from asphyxiation. ...more
Beautifully put.  Such a loss. I am so sorry for his pain and that now of his family. more

No One Puts Plus Size Maternity Photos On Pinterest

While I was at Mom 2.0 at the beginning of May, I ended up in a bunch of photos. And since this is 2014, some of those photos ended up on Facebook. And because it's Facebook, I ended up tagged, which meant all my friends —from my 4th grade classmates to the girl who lived on my floor in college to my mother's second cousin who lives in Sweden—saw them. I did not like it. They were not flattering. They were candid, and that is what I look like in candid photos, but they made me sad. ...more
I think you and your family look beautiful. I love that you gave sweet props to the hubby for ... more

Welcome Spring With a Garden Hose Wreath

Spring is finally officially here! Of course, that means it's time to change out your wreath. I had been thinking about something involving umbrellas ... but then I saw the garden hose wreath over on Create.Craft.Love, and I knew what I was going to make. ...more
So-so cute and definitely screams SPRING :))) more

5 Festive Fall Wreaths

Do you remember the day you realized you were an adult? For me, it seemed to coincide with the year I hung my first wreath and lamented not owning a gravy boat. I've rectified the gravy boat situation, and the wreaths have started changing with more and more frequency. Fall is almost here, time to start thinking about a new festive wreath....more
Love this post and the great variety of wreaths. All beautiful, and yes.. Debbiedoo's was a ... more

Decorate Your Eggs Differently This Year: Draw Frames on Them!

I've been thinking a lot lately about Easter egg ideas for kids. I included a bunch in my spring crafts eBook, both new ideas as well as some of our older faves, but there are others floating around in my head that didn't make it into the book. This is one of those: Drawing in frames....more
Those are super darling!! more

Irish Author Maeve Binchy Dies at 72

Maeve Binchy, the much beloved Irish author, has died at 72 following a short illness. Binchy was the author of 15 novels and ten short stories collections. She sold more than 40 million copies of her books worldwide. In North America Binchy may have been best known for Circle of Friends, which was adapted into a movie in 1995 starring Minnie Driver and Chris O'Donnell. ...more
Writers are such a gift. Always so bittersweet to lose them, and the next story you know they ... more

How to Convert a Coat Closet Into an Entry Nook

Editors Note: I wish I had enough closet space in my house that I could spare one to convert into an entry nook.  A special place to sit down and take off shoes, hang my purse and store a dog leash right when I walked in the door would be dreamy.  When Tonya from Love of Family and Home sister got a brand new house the whole family got involved in the renovation....more
What a great idea right in your entry. It looks lovely!! more

Michelob ULTRA Light Cider Promotion

We gave a whole lot of thirsty bloggers some Michelob ULTRA Light Cider to try and share what they thought about it.You can read their reviews by clicking on the links in the sidebar on the right. ...more
Debbie~I can tell you hardly liked it at all... LOL ;) The girls look like it was a definite ... more

The New Social Media Disease: Pinterest-Induced Self-Deprecation

We've talked a lot about Pinterest's terms of service, as well as whether or not Pinterest is the Napster-equivalent for images, but we haven't really explored the most immediate effect of the social media site: it's ability to make you feel like crap about your crafting and cooking abilities. ...more
I try to be careful to actually pin things that are relevant to my real life. No fancy homes, ... more