The Rape and Death of 15-year-old Audrie Pott

I wish I did not have to write about Audrie Pott. About another “alleged” rape of a teenage girl whose attack was photographed and then spread on social media. Most of all I wish I did not have to write about her suicide. She looks like my daughter. Long dark hair. Beautiful eyes. Sweet smile. ...more
This makes me so sad, I am sorry for the loss of this young beautiful life. I have no mercy for ... more

Watch Now: The Real Katie Couric's Video Invitation to BlogHer's Community

Oh thank heavens, the real Katie Couric has finally been released into the wild. Check out the true confession buried in her video below ... see what I mean? Get ready for a barn-burner of a keynote at BlogHer '12 -- and read on for an opportunity to participate yourself: ...more
I am very excited to listen to Katie Couric talk about the balancing act of her own life. As ... more