My personal passion is for developing original recipes based on classic... read more



My personal passion is for developing original recipes based on classic techniques. The highest compliment I could receive would be to be considered an artisan - someone who creates beautiful, quality items which have a purpose and a function. My professional experience includes hotel & fine dining and corporate catering, as well as menu planning, recipe development and event planning, among others. I am inspired by several world cultures and various US regions but mostly by cooks I admire; in particular the women who instilled in me a love of the kitchen - my mother and grandmother.

In March 2012 I founded the Food Bloggers Network which aims to foster respectful and sincere communication between food bloggers in an effort to form professional relationships, networking circles, and professional development based on industry best practices. 

Prior to my life in the culinary industry I worked in university administration; earning a Masters of Education in Policy, Planning, and Development from Boston University. I previously lived in Bologna, Italy, Charlotte, NC, and Seattle, WA. 

I currently live in downtown Boston with my husband, Thom, in a tiny but awesome apartment where I cook, write, and crochet.