Representations of Women in Kanye West's "Monster" Video

How is it that Kanye West, an intelligent artist very much in control of his image, didn't think about the repercussions of representing women in such a horrific manner in his video for "Monster?" What I find more disturbing is that he DID think about it, and proceeded with this video anyway....more

Almost anyway; I read this post beginning with "Bikini-clad" and ending with "lap" and just ...more

Getting Your Blog House In Order

I had the pleasure of being a panelist at the Boston BlogHer ReachOut Tour. The women in our session were amazing, and asked equally amazing questions. Since our focus was helping people feel comfortable with hacking, coding, or just plain starting a blog, I came up with an analogy to help the women in my group feel more comfortable with the basic terminology. It went over like gangbusters.  ...more

Blog Valley High - Go Wildcats!

"..from an anthropologic standpoint, it fascinates me that the blogging world has become something of a microcosm of society, complete with the "popular" kids, the sycophants, the not-so-populars and so on." When I read this blog comment, it was so powerful, so truthful, that I stopped writing for two months. I needed to reevaluate the space in my heart, the space in my head, and my space online. I've found that the internet is not a friendly place to live. Much like a high school cafeteria, bloggers have unconciously segregated themselves into cliques. ...more


Interesting perspective, here's another: we're all born and die with one unit of ...more

Paint It Black

About two weeks ago, I shit a solid gold brick. It fell out of my body, rolled across the floor, and smashed into my television, where an advertisement for the FX show Black.White. was showing. ...more

Jenn, over at Reappropriate has several ...more

My Life in Hair

She looked at me with big, brown eyes and a lopsided ponytail, eyes squinting with curiousity. "Why do you put your hair in knots? They look bad. They feel bad." She was approximately six years old - and my niece - so it wouldn't be socially acceptable to dropkick her. As young women, most of us learn that the great unifier, the ultimate divider, and the ever-changing esteem booster is HAIR. Nowhere is this more prevelant than in black culture. As women, we teach young girls by example, however inadvertantly. So what would my lesson be today? ...more

I think so many women have struggled with their hair like the women above. I have my own hair ...more

not enough

I'm feeling seriously inadequate about being a contributing editor for BlogHer. When I signed up for the position, I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to find and expose bloggers of color, knowing full well that my blogroll consisted of the whitest mothers around - literally. ...more

You are so consistently incredible. I cannot thank you enough for the support, feedback and ...more

Singled Out

Mrs. Dietzel turned to me, a wiry second-grader, and said, "Danielle, why don't you tell us all about...about...YOUR PEOPLE." My first memory of Black History Month was created around the feeling of being singled out for being diferent. ...more

That's a great post Danielle! And I totally agree with what you are saying. I think that in ...more

Blogroll Updates

Pointing you towards a few great blogs: Jaki is an intelligent, funny, whipsmart young woman. She regularly expounds on personal topics regarding polyamory, bisexuality, racial identity and struggling with her Christian identity. ...more

College Dropout

Dear Kanye West, It's true, I am out of the musical loop, and have therefore just heard your new song "Goldigger" this weekend for the first time. I...I'd really appreciate if you would explain just one, small thing to me. ...more

Both? Neither? Something else entirely?

To run the party line, if the marginalized reclaim ...more

What Color is your Blogroll?

Get ready, bloghers, for some surly, passionate talk about race, ethnicity, and how it may or may not fit in the scope of your blogging world today. I look forward to earnest, respectful discussions and the opportunity to post amazing links to amazing women of all backgrounds. ...more

You know, I have no idea what "color" my blog roll is. I just list sites I enjoy reading or that ...more