Confession: I Could Really Use a Man Around Here

I often talk about single life and how I needed to experience being “on my own” these past couple of years since it’s something I hadn’t really done much of in my past.  Being single and living solo has taught me so much about independence, figuring shit out on my own, and honestly?  Getting to know MYSELF without the attachment of a significant other.  And I’m doing pretty damn well, I think.  :::pats self on back:::...more
I agree it's often helpful to have another person around to do the things we can't or don't like ... more

Should These Lesbians Sue Because They Received the Wrong Sperm and Now Have a Bi-Racial Child?

One mother is making headlines because she (a white woman) was mistakenly inseminated with a black man’s sperm, and now she’s filed a lawsuit against the sperm bank. ...more
My thoughts on this case -- in brief, the sperm bank made an egregious error simply by not ... more

Celebrating Pride Month With 11 LGBT Blogs to Follow This Week

We're celebrating Pride Month by sharing of our favorite LGBT blogs (and bloggers.) Check them out and share your favorites in the comments below....more
Thanks, Denise! I'm honored. What a great list of blogs to be a part of! more

An Open Letter to My Wife for Mother's Day

Dear Wife, In our house, there are two parents. Both of us are mothers. Both of us are hard on ourselves. Both of us feel the unique pressures of motherhood. Both of us are plagued with the guilt. And because of it, because of seeing you, I'm learning to let it all go. Having another mother right in front of me every morning, next to me each night, makes me see that motherhood is hard....more
I read this when you first posted it last year, and am glad it's going around again for this ... more

Standing Outside the Door: White Women's Responsibility to Renisha McBride

When I heard about Renisha McBride being shot and killed while seeking help after a car accident, my first reaction was grief. If it isn’t sad enough that this young woman lost her life, that her family lost her, it is infinitely sadder that she was lost in such a senseless incident. ...more
Great and necessary post! Thanks! more

10 Things TO Say to Lesbian Moms

It may not quite be an Internet meme, but several writers in the past month have offered their thoughts on what not to say to lesbian moms. Judy Gold at HuffPo gives a personal story about "The Question You Should Never Ask a Lesbian Mom"; Jeanne Sager at The Stir lists "5 Things Never to Say to Lesbian Moms"; Te-Erika Patterson at writes of "What Not to Say to LGBT Parents"; and L. A. Pintea at relates "10 Things You Shouldn't Ask a Lesbian Mom." It's enough to make people think they should never approach us. I'd like to turn things around here, and suggest several things you should say to lesbian moms....more
Thanks, Annmaria! That's what I would wish for. I just sense that some people hesitate to engage ... more

Should Kids Ever Play with Guns?

Like many parents, I made a few vows against vices before giving birth to my son, such as no TV, no junk food, no sleep training, no kid clutter and no taking them to the groceries or the mall. Some I abide by but most are now laughable. As it happens, one of those vows included no playing with toy guns. Well, turns out we have toy guns… sort of....more
I've never been a fan of gun play, and we try to limit it with our son--but unless we want to ... more

LGBT Families Day: For Our Son

In honor of LGBT Families Day, we are featuring a snippet of this beautiful post from a proud mother inspired to fight for her son's familial rights. There are a number of excellent posts to honor this day over at Mombian's blog - enjoy!: ...more
Thanks so much for featuring one of the ~90 wonderful posts from Blogging for LGBT Families Day! more

Answering the Question that Will Shape Him Forever: "Can Two Girls Love Each Other?"

Caesar waits as I ponder, poking his finger around the container filled with the rainbow colored stars I've already stamped out, for the Mother's Day cards he'll be decorating later. That must have been what prompted the question. He has so many grandmothers, after all. He flushes a bit, I've kept him waiting too long and now he's worried he asked an inappropriate question. He shuffles his feet, and speaks again: "I was just wondering how they love each other and if it's okay." He's only five now, but how I answer this will shape what he knows, what he lives, what he repeats -- forever. ...more
What a wonderful, perfect answer! Thank you for sharing your story! more

Let the Wild Rumpus Continue: Celebrating Maurice Sendak's Life

Today Maurice Sendak -- author and illustrator of many beloved childrens' books -- passed away at the age of 83. I will be honest and say that I didn't know he was still alive. I figured that an author that had written a book that my mother read as a child and passed on to me which I, in turn, passed on to my sons would surely not still be with us. I had built him up to be something bigger than life and, as such, other-worldly. I am left feeling sad that I didn't have my sons send some fan mail as they fell in love with the book over the past six years. On the other hand, they say that many creative types -- authors and poets and artists -- don't ever see true appreciation for their life's work. I hope Maurice knew how much children and adults alike loved his work....more
I've loved Sendak's book for years, but I was also struck by his bravery in coming out as gay in ... more