#BlogHer15: Experts Among Us Must-Have: The Going to BlogHer Annual Conference Facebook Group

You just purchased your ticket to #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us in New York City from July 16-18. Now what?...more
melisa Hi!  I registered and requested to join, but it's also pending as well: Jacqui Zadik. ...more

It's Just A Table... Or Is It?

Something happened last week that made me realize that I've spent a whole lot of time reflecting on the changes Jim and I (and this house) have gone through since J left for college (when we officially became empty nesters), but next to no time (okay, no time at all) reflecting on any changes the boys have gone through in regards to the two of us and this house. Let me try and make some sense. ...more
alexandraRS A gift wrapping station! Funny you mention that...I normally use THIS TABLE for gift ...more

Happy Juan-uary: ABC's 'The Bachelor' Returns With Juan Pablo!

This is a big week, as the highly-anticipated season premiere of a show known for its twists and turns, backstabbing, and foreign accents is finally airing. No, not Downton Abbey. I'm talking about The Bachelor. Image: ABC Medianet ...more
theBitchinWife It's going to be a punny season! -Momomore

14 Tips to Help You Survive (and Thrive!) During NaBloPoMo

If you think it would be too difficult to get through a month of posting every day, I can tell you that it really isn't (honest!), especially if you have a plan. Here are some tips for surviving -- and even thriving! -- during NaBloPoMo any month of the year. ...more
I guess (actually, I know) I'm not too bright, but how do I cross-link my blog? I'm adding it to ...more

PSA: Listen To Your Body!

Show of hands: how many of you listen to your body? Uh-huh. Same here. Over the years I have been a pretty stubborn person when it comes to going to the doctor. I’m not talking about physicals and womanly checkups and such. Those I do, no problem. What I mean is, when something out-of-the-ordinary comes up, I typically dig my heels in for as long as possible (Queen of Denial) rather than call my doctor. I usually make the call once Jim and I get into an argument discussion about how hard-headed I am. ...more
So true!  I found a lump two months after a  mammogram.  It was cancer.  Listen to your body!!more

The First Step To Consistency Is Having Fun.

Are you one of the many people worldwide who made some heavy-duty health and fitness resolutions for 2011, wondering if you'll stick to them or quit before you even get started? As a group fitness instructor, I know firsthand how tough it is for people to develop great habits: each and every year, my class numbers see a huge spike right after January 1st, but by mid-February, everything is back to "normal". I can practically set my watch to this phenomenon....more

A really good point! When you enjoy it, it doesn't feel like a chore either. Or one more thing ...more