Jennifer Lawrence's Private, Nude Photos Were Not Leaked

Why is everyone saying that the nude photos published this weekend were "leaked?" Does mis-naming horrible things make us feel better about them? Leaking information to the press may happen in politics or business, but that's not what happened here. ...more
I agree with much of your article, but it seems to me you've invented a definition of "leak" ... more

I Yelled at a Stranger's Kid on Vacation

On the heels of Marcy's Diner owner Darla Neugebauer's outburst toward a toddler who had been crying for 40 minutes, I've been brought back to my own story of yelling at a stranger's child. However, when I went to link my story in a comment string, I was reminded that BlogHer editors took it upon themselves to replace the image of a child at a pool that I originally chose for my story. You see, I intentionally did not indicate the race of the child in my story....more
Oh, the humanity!  You got wet.  Near a pool.  Holy crap. Yes, if I was the Dad, I would have ... more

The Girl Who Wanted To Be A Boy

Disclaimer:  I realize this is a sensitive subject for many.  Please, understand this was not written with a heart of condemnation, but rather with a heart wanting to understand. ...more
At these ages, why must we insist in there being "gender roles" or "gender norms" at all? more

My Mother-in-Law Won't Apologize!

Dear Mouthy Housewives,I've recently had some upset with my MIL.  Although I have apologized for my part of the disagreement, she is incapable of saying the words, "I'm sorry." What's the deal with people who can't say I'm sorry—like ever?!  And how do I restore good family relations when she won't do her part to smooth things over and move forward? ...more
Honestly ... one should never EXPECT an apology from anyone.  Never.  An apology, if it is to ... more

Was I the Only One Who Liked the #HIMYM Ending?

If you haven’t seen the series finale of How I Met Your Mother, you should bookmark this page and not continue reading until after you have watched it. You have one more chance to click away, before the spoilers come! ...more
I liked it quite a bit.  They handled it quite well.  One thing I'm impressed with is that they ... more

USA Today's 'Race-Themed' Movie Headline Fail

USA Today found itself in the embarrassing position of being the news story, after the paper caught criticism for its headline about "race-themed films". What's the problem with that? For starters, the article isn't about a plethora of box-office hits about different races, but mainly a story about the movie The Best Man Holiday, which isn't a film that explores race, so much as a romantic comedy or family holiday movie....more
Yawn. more

ANA Food Allergies: Halloween Could Kill My Child

This morning I am mad. Really mad. I am mad because I am hurt....more
GetFit needs to GetaLife.  If it was simply a matter of not eating what one was allergic to, you ... more

So What About The LGBTQ People Who Don't Want To Get Married?

The marriage equality movement has changed the face of “gay culture”, and not entirely for the better.  “Gay life” might have been derided as tawdry and dangerous by onlookers for decades, but it was also long on fun and short on rules for people who actually participated.  Now, when many straight people hear ”gay”, they imagine the elderly, sweet-looking Edie Windsor describing her victory over DOMA, or politically aware middle-aged folks in street clothes making it legal with their partners of 20 years at city hall.  ...more
Personally ... I'd rather the government confer NO extra rights to any particular individual or ... more

Food Network Drops Paula Deen

[Editor's note: Food celebrity Paula Deen, with her Georgia accent and famously buttery recipes, is synonymous with Southern tradition. But the National Enquirer reported that Deen herself recently stated -- in court -- that her "traditions" include flat-out racism....more
I can't (and won't) defend her use of the N-word.  But if you take this in context - the wedding ... more

Why Mocking Miss Utah Distracts Us From the Real Issues

This year’s Miss USA pageant brought the world another opportunity to rip a woman to shreds when Miss Utah, 21-year-old Marissa Powell, failed to coherently answer a current events question. Yes, the question was on a topic that directly impacts women. Yes, she could have done better. But, damn, can we just give her a break?...more
These ladies enter this seeking fame, possibly eventually even fortune.  I have no sympathy for ... more