How the Internet Saved Christmas

Mary from Baby Einstein, LLC was touched and really began pursuing the search within the company’s video production inventory. Our dear friend, Eddie Gutierrez, remained in constant contact with Mary and was able to make the call to me. “Leticia, are you sitting or standing? They found it!” ...more
Cute Story.. My son is Autistic Too... I write some. So..  <a ...more

Gift Card Scam at the Checkout Line: Check Your Receipts!

The commercials are out, the stores are decorated and we are starting to be reminded well that the holidays are quickly approaching. Holiday baking, decorating, gift buying –- it is all coming! As we start planning holiday shopping, I feel compelled to share with you one of my experiences from last year. This is not an internet forward or something I overheard in the grocery store, but this holiday shopping scam happened directly to me .... ...more
@duaba I agree - I thought I was in the minority, until I received so many comments. It is ...more