Stop Liking “Get Us a Puppy” Facebook Pics. Really.

A heartwarming story came across my Facebook page this week, about some kids whose dad told them if they got 1 million likes on their Facebook photo they could have a new puppy. They got their likes in about 7 hours, and their dad has promised to keep his word and get them a (rescue) puppy. ...more
AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!! more

Confession: I Really Don't Need More Hours In A Day

I'm embarrassed to even murmur about there not being enough hours in a day when there are working women with children that not only get themselves ready for work but feed/dress their kids, knock out a few household chores and drop the kids off at daycare/school before they arrive at work. I find myself to be a complete liar when I say I don't have time to exercise when it's not uncommon for me to see a coworker jogging during their lunch hour while I, on the other hand, use that time to eat. ...more
Great post. I try to make one of my main skills multitasking. Running on my lunch break allows ... more

Google and Facebook: The Best Company Cafeterias in America

The stereotypical computer geek works obsessively and eats crap, coding into the wee hours fueled by a diet of caffeine and junk food. If they think at all about food it's to use a little multivariate calculus to optimize the pan dimensions for a box of brownie mix. We got it half right. They do work long and strange hours, never saying no to a good all-night hackathon, but it's not all instant ramen and Jolt cola. Not by a long shot. ...more
To note, Google modeled their campus after East Coast based SAS. :) So technically they started ... more