Famed Native Rights Activist Murdered, Grandson Charged

It is sad to lose such a great woman but she left a legacy which will become part of history ... more

Sh*t Canadians Say to Aboriginal Women

[Editor's Note: The stories of Native American (or Aboriginal Canadian) women never seem to get enough coverage by the mainstream media. This video is worth a watch. --Grace] ...more
The resentment towards Aboriginal people's is unbelievable but it's perpetuated and promoted ... more

Ban on Face Coverings

Canada finally grows some ***** and sets down a rule that makes sense despite some minor opposition. Niqabs, burkas and other veils will no longer be aloud when new Canadians take an oath of citizenship. The announcement came this week and I for one say “Hooray!”...more
I don't understand why burka's must be accepted when it isn't necessary but I can understand the ... more

How to Write (Better): How to Make Your Words Carry More Authority

Writing about writing with authority is really hard. Because that insinuates that I know what I'm talking about, and you might all be sitting back, slurping your coffee and thinking you know, that Rita is pretty full of herself. And therein lies the rub. ...more
I have done technical writing and use the same formula when writing. I draft in point form then ... more

Creating a Book Readers Can’t Put Down

However, an overwhelming number of books clamor for the reader's attention. Often, readers (like the rest of us) lead busy lives with little time for the quiet pleasure of reading. Other louder, more demanding entertainments pull readers away from the written page. And thus, too many books get shoved aside, left unfinished only to accumulate layers of dust. In today’s market, we HAVE to write gripping stories if we want to keep our readers’ attention. But ... how can we do that? What goes into making a page-turner? ...more
I have to admit that I'm also a fan of 'sexual tension' in a book. Is s/he going to fall for ... more