Quinoa Risotto Baked Tomatoes

Quinoa Risotto Baked TomatoesSometimes, a recipe that sounds good in my head turns out to be disgust-o-rama in real life....more

wheat bread (and electricity!)

wheat bread (and electricity!)So, since sometime around Wednesday morning, after the electricity had been out since Monday night,  and after we took a step back to regain our senses, I have been baking bread.  A lot of bread, in fact....more

hurricane-proof chili

hurricane-proof chili I am a Lower Manhattan refugee....more

quinoa "arancini" with sneaky-whiskey chicken

So, quinoa is kind of a weird word, right?  To start, it’s pronounced “keen-whaaaaa”. It sounds silly, like “vegan” or “smelt”.  Have you ever noticed it sounds almost, well, dirty?...more

jambalaya and my husband's fantasy (football, that is)

Football is back!People!  Did you hear me!?  I said football is back.As of last weekend, we’re back to jerseys, chips and dip, cold bottles of cheap beer, and the Sunday soundtrack of ref whistles and stadium cheer.  I love every second of it....more

5 great recipes for fresh corn

I know how it goes.  You were on your way back from wherever you went for Labor Day Weekend (How was it?  Where’d ya go?  Can I come next time?  Will you be my bestfriend?  ……I did not leave town, as you can maybe tell)...more
Super yum to the pickling idea! Love it!more

running around like a maniac. and then, salad.

purslane salad and edamameFor someone who makes it her business to cook and eat, I have my some weird eating habits.  Some days the idea of three square meals is a laughable concept.  I can spend a whole day just eating granola bars and popcorn.  And then other days I’m like this obnoxious, gluttonous freak, impossible to satiate....more

assauging end-of-summer guilt with a pear, walnut and blue cheese crostata

pear, walnut and blue cheese crostataOh, Labor Day.  You saucy little minx, you.  I’ve spent the entire summer bitching and moaning about the heat and now, as I realize its coming to a close, I’m panicking because Labor Day’s arrival means that summer is about to end.  Cue the Crazy....more

julia's american-style potato salad

julia’s american-style potato saladI’m usually late to parties, and this time it is no different.  Even still, I’d like to add my shout-out to the resounding Internet Freak Out happening in the Food Blog World over Julia Child’s 100th birthday this month.  It seems as if this extraordinarily tall, strange voiced woman had an unbelievable effect on everyone who has ever lifted a pan to a stovetop.  And to be honest, I’m sure she has....more

Being Overly Sentimental About My Cooking

cibo e bello (food is beautiful)...more