The Selfie: I am "THAT MOM"

I am pretty pumped that I have the opportunity to attend the 10th anniversary BlogHER conference in San Jose, California this week. What makes this even more exciting is that I get to attend with some other Farm/Ag Friends from across the country and meet some blogging pros. This is the blogging conference of all blogging conferences!  I have always wanted to attend but have never taken the time. When you are a mom to kids or pets when is a good time to get away? NEVER. ...more

What food should your family eat? I have just had a great opportunity to visit New York City and spend a few days talking to Editors about food, farming and even some political issues facing the farm. The questions I have heard over and over are about Organic, Local and food safety. I want to break down my thoughts on these issues and I hope it helps you out the next time you go to spend your hard-earned dollars on food....more