I Choose My Kids Over Friends and Me-Time

A friend is having a fabulous 40th birthday getaway in a few months. It involves a short flight and a drive and some fabulous scenery and spa and an overnight stay at a great house. Guests are making their plans for flying in from all over the place and it looks like a really good time. I'll be sending my regrets. It's not the money, or the schedule, or even childcare, really, that is keeping me away. Those things can be worked out. It's this person right here. He has spent every night of his short 20 months firmly tucked in against my side and nursing when he wakes before drifting off to sleep again. ...more
I'm a father and I totally agree with you. After we had our first child, there has never been ... more

Ringless & Married: Quit Judging Me

I remember that I simply could not wait until I had a shiny diamond ring on my finger. I already had a baby in my belly and the admonishment of several family members and friends. Slapping a ring on my hand would legitimize our situation. It would legitimize the child growing within me. It would take some of the sting out of being an unwed mother. ...more
Strange custom. My wife and I never wear a ring because it's uncomfortable and unpractical for ... more

Kids Don't Listen Like They Used To -- And I'm Glad They Don't!

I have an 8-year-old daughter and an 11-year-old son, and I often miss the days when they were babies. They adored me then, and they would listen to everything I said. Nowadays, I get the emphatic, "No, I don't have to listen to you," every time I ask them to do something. My husband and I are constantly arguing over which approach is best to handle these rude kids. When we were kids, we never talked back to our parents.  If we did, we got the belt....more
I never have this kind of problem with my kids because I always treat them as my best ... more