Unhappy Mother's Day: My Mom Was Abusive

At a time of year when most of my writer friends are lamenting over beautiful memories with their mom, I sit here with a heavy heart. My own mother and I have had a rocky relationship. There were times when I couldn’t stand to speak to her. She probably wasn’t real crazy about me at times either. My mother was abused as a child by her own mother, GrammaDearest. Severely. And my mother in turn was abusive to us....more
Thank you for being brave enough to post this.  Mother's Day is like an albatross for me.  I ... more

Is the War on Women Finally Over?

Last night, women delivered their own blunt message to the GOP: we were repelled by all your loose, ugly talk about abortion and rape. And that’s why we voted against you. ...more
Posts like yours, while well thought-out, make me sick to my stomach.  You make it seem like ... more

Late Again?! I've Had it With the Tooth Fairy!

My youngest of three, EB, is losing teeth left and right. Unfortunately for EB, my Tooth Fairy wings are dusty and rusty and my Tooth Fairy brain is old and tired. I sometimes need a little prodding and reminding to get the job done. EB came downstairs this morning and said, "I've had it with the Tooth Fairy. For the second day she forgot to leave money and she took my tooth." ...more
My daughter was going rock climbing yesterday on a field trip.  And since the Tooth Fairy was ... more

Not Everyone Had a "Mother" to Celebrate

I had a mother once, but not a real mother. She gave birth to me, but almost anyone can do that. I know deep, deep down, under and inside and probably wrapped up inside of something else and hidden in a corner of her, there was love for me.I believe in childbirth we give up the body of the child, but left behind is this powerful seed. Some people tend to it and embrace it as a gift. Not everyone does. Not everyone has a mom who paid attention to that burning in their chests and aching in their stomachs and inability to get your mind to rest at night. Not every new mother understands that this tiny baby is theirs and you are going to give up anything you have to just to keep it safe and to let it know it is loved....more
Thank you for posting this.  This is a catharsis for Mother's Day.  No humor needed. more