My China Pinterest-Christmas Edition

I've started this little series called My China Pinterest. ...more

Christmas-Jesus' Adoption Story

News of his birth casts a sacred shadow across Mary's eyes. When Joseph looks back, the gaze is heavy with perplexities. The words of fatherhood filled Joseph's mind while his heart began pouring empty in shame. His righteousness kept legal papers unsigned. The village gossip would suffocate his name for generations. Could hard work and bending his life to the Law fill in the crevices made by Mary's conceiving outside of the marriage union? A cracked vessel isn't worth much. ...more

Turn Off Your Phones Day-Dec. 1st

Ok, I've had it. We, as a social media world, are going to stop the madness.     ...more

No More Jesus Pep-Rallies

  Does anyone else feel like sometimes they have been fooled into attending a Jesus pep-rally? Like the bigger, slicker, louder your event than the more God is moving. Bigger, slicker, louder isn't a sin until it becomes a requirement for me to "feel" the Lord's presence. ...more

My China PInterest

There are a gazillion differences between China and America. One of them is family size. Sporting the one child policy, most homes have fewer than 7 people living in them...unlike yours truly. I've decided to start my own pinterest. Ok, so not really start, but this will be called China Pinterest, to make me and my other expat friends a little more joyful about living in small spaces. And sometimes, we just need to commiserate.   So, here you have the launch of China Pinterest:...more

Jesus isn't a wife, mother, or female, but that's OK

I was frustrated at Jesus today.I was frustrated because as I was reading Luke, it dawned on me that He and I are so very different. Not just because He unconditionally loves His neighbor and by contrast I dream of ways to take out their yapping bird under the cloak of night.But I realized that I am married, a mother, and a female.He is single, no kids, a male…and well…the Son of God....more

My arch-nemesis, the Fruit Fly. Committed to Ultimate Victory

(This was the most benign picture of a fruit fly I could find. All the other ones make you start to itch like you have a sudden onset of leprosy.) ...more

Broken Arms and Broken Places: Going Postal in a Chinese Hospital

I am sitting in Hong Kong with my 6 year old and using the word "lovies." It sounds clumsy coming from my American vocal cords, but here in the land of British English, it seems awkwardly appropriate.   This little jaunt across the water started on Tuesday in an unfortunate ripstick accident. A ripstick is a wobbly skateboard. As if skateboards weren't a tragic enough invention on their own.    ...more

The Long Hair Debacle

Hubs and I have an ongoing "discussion" about girls and their hair length. Men across the board want women to have long hair....more
I have to say that the SNL skit with Chris Farley and Patrick Swayze was one of my all time ...more

Homemade Powdered Sugar in 3 Minutes

On this side of the pond, creative cooking rules the day. I find a sick delight in finding a recipe that is laced with things I can't find here and changing them up so that they are "China-friendly."  ...more