Why The Term 'Tomboy' Needs to Go

I used to be a tomboy. Technically, I suppose I still am a tomboy.  I was always proud to be identified as a tomboy. It meant I wasn't a girly-girl. It meant I was good at sports.  A couple of decades later I realize that I was, still am, and will always be a girl/woman/lady/female who has always loved to run, jump, and play with little regard for how girls and women are 'expected' to behave.  This in no way makes me a boy of any type....more
@MarionGeer Thanks for commenting Marion.  I understand your point about changing perceptions ... more

Nike Women's Marathon & Gender Stereotypes

(Editor's Note: What's unique about the Nike Women's Marathon is at the finish line, San Francisco firemen in tuxedos await the runners to hand them a Tiffany necklace. You read that right - women run 26.2 miles and are rewarded at the end with jewelry and a man. Would that delight or infuriate you? Courtney S from The Rabbit Hole thinks that Nike did a poor job of being subtle with their societal expectations of women.)She writes:...more
Thanks for commenting FauxRunner. I don't think that the firemen in tuxes and jewelry and ... more