Healthy Travel Tips: What's in My Carry-On

As I was packing for our trip to Canada last week, I starting thinking about the different kind of air travelers. There are the people who roll out of bed the morning of a flight, grab a muffin and a magazine on their way to security, and get to their gate right as the plane is boarding. Then, there are the people who pack everything they could possibly need, print off their boarding passes as early as possible and feel the most comfortable sitting at the gate at least an hour before boarding. I supposed there are probably people that fall somewhere in the middle, too....more
I fly a lot. Must haves include neck pillow, scarf spritzed with febreeze (I have been next to ...more

Perfect Grilled Potato Wedges (Plus a Trio of Dipping Sauces)

Grilled potato wedges are one of those summer staples in our house. We always have a giant bag of russet potatoes hanging out in the bottom of our pantry. And amazingly enough, these potato wedges perfectly complement pretty much every summer meal. They are a great, healthy alternative to fries alongside a burger. When you put a nice warm pile of them next to a boring turkey sandwich, suddenly your meal feels more substantial. ...more
I made this (complete with sauces) for my carnivore friends...Lets just say they are a big hit ...more

Get Nailed - State Shaped String Art

 Yay! It's time for another Pinterest Challenge—the monthly post where I talk about a project I dug out of the depths of Pinterest stagnation and brought into the light of reality. Pinning is awesome, but doing is even better....more
Any way you could share where you found your Indiana state template? I have a craft night ...more