She vs. Her: Women and the Midterm Elections -- What's at Stake?

Welcome to She vs. Her -- a new BlogHer series asking two bloggers with different perspectives to make their case. This week: Adrienne Royer on the right and Karen Bojar on the left talk about what's at stake for women in the 2010 midterm elections. ...more

Shocked at how the ONLY points that were made by liberal women are about abortion. I'm fiscally ... more

Do Tell: Which Ice Cream Flavor Are You? Share to Win Personalized Pints

You scream for ice cream -- but which ice cream screams you? These days, artisanal creamologists are mixing up mad-scientist combos and giving them delightfully whacked-out names. Maybe you're as rockstar as Secret Breakfast (cornflakes and bourbon) or Sex Pistol (herbal stimulants and absinthe). Or maybe you're as intriguing as Spicy Thai (coconut, peanut and chilis). Or maybe you're just as necessary and unimprovable-upon as a high-quality vanilla. ...more

White Chocolate Caramel Raspberry Mocha! YUMMMOH!


Brand new

Hi, I'm Anyabeth.  I've been blogging or at least writing on the internet for five years.  I am really excited about being new to BlogHer.   I'd love it if you checked out my site at ...more

I like your writing style, funny and cute!  



Vatican Releases List of New Sins, But Are They Clear On The Law of Attraction?


I love this idea of LoA Commandments... I think I shall make some of my own.  ... more