Madame Senators: Meet the 20 Women of the 113th Senate!

Women made historic gains in the Senate last night: This past session, 17 women served; when the 113th Congress convenes in January, there will be 20 women representing their states in the U.S. Senate. Let's meet our Madame Senators! ...more
What? No binders full of women jokes?! more

Catch Toss Throw: Juggling Motherhood

Within ten minutes of walking through the door, the boy slammed his finger and stood sobbing in the sunroom. On the couch the girl howled in frustration as she tried to yank the newly purchased baroque-like Halloween costume over her head. It itches, she yelled; help me. Do you not see me? I asked her as I held the weeping boy on my lap. Your brother is crying. I’ll help you in a minute....more
Beautifully written! And juggling it is... more

Back in My Day: Should We Parent Like It's 1984?

How many times have you started a sentence, "Well, back in my day..." Well, back in my day, we didn't have Power Wheels or fancy wood fort swing sets or any of that jazz. I had a metal swing set, some balls and an 89 acre farm to explore. I was outside all day, all summer. Tricia at Imprints from Tricia wonders if we shouldn't parent like it's 1984, if we shouldn't back off and let kids figure things out on their own a bit. I think she has some good points....more
It's easy to let your kids have the run of the neighborhood when you know that there is a host ... more