Sisterhood thrives even in adversity

This is a tale of how four women came together over food and drink to help one another start the second chapter of their lives. It's a story of friendship and empowerment in this day and age of layoffs upon layoffs. ...more

Awesome artisan chocolate _ and at a discount for a week

Those of you in the San Francisco Bay Area may want to learn about this wonderful new chocolate shop in your area. Through Thursday, you can get a 20 percent discount, too. Here's how: enjoy-luxe-chocolate-in-san-francisco-mention-foodgal-to-get-a-discount/ ...more

My First "Boutique'' Opens

I admit it. I'm a clothes-horse. I love to shop _ both window, and real. ;) So I'm excited to say that I have my own store now for the first time. Well, sort of.... Hope you'll check out the fun, delicious, one-of-a-kind merchandise. Happy shopping! the-food-gal-boutique-opens-its-doors/ ...more

Husbands do the darndest things, don't they?

Husbands. When my about-to-be husband and I were registering for wedding gifts five years ago, I remember combing through the online catalogues of Williams-Sonoma and Sur La Table for all manner of cooking gadgets I might finally be able to possess in my kitchen. Good pots and pans. Professional knives. Flatware that actually matched. Gleamingly new baking pans to replace my ancient, beat-up ones. Ahh, it was like the joy of Christmas, only better.  ...more

News for sushi lovers

I'm proud to present to the BlogHer world, my first official freelance food story as I find my way into the next chapter of my life. The food story is all about a fascinating new type of bluefin tuna. Sushi lovers know that their beloved toro is extremely overfished. But this new tuna being raised from the egg in captivity in Japan may or may not offer some hope for the future. ...more

Maybe when gas prices stablize, you can take a trip to San Francisco for lots of good ...more

Cookie Therapy

Ever since my untimely departure from my newspaper (ie. layoff), I've been baking almost every week. So much so that with every batch that comes warm out of the oven, my husband has taken to calling them my "layoff cookies.'' Read more about just why I bake on my Food Gal blog: ...more

Top Chef Mania

Coming from the Bay Area, I was sorely disappointed to see that all four San Franciscan contestants already have gotten the boot off of "Top Chef.'' What's up with that? For those who can't get enough of "Top Chef,'' you'll be glad to know plans are in the works to capitalize even more on the Bravo TV show's booming popularity. Read more about it on my Food Gal blog: ...more

Life After Newspaper Journalism?

Hi Everyone: Yes, that is what I'm attempting to find after being a newspaper reporter for more than 22 years. But with the newspaper industry imploding, one has to do what one has to do! ...more

Hi Lara:

 Thanks for your sweet note. You are so right _ I've learned so much about ...more