Could online production save print journalism?

Bitch magazine is in trouble. The feminist favorite needs $40,000 to stay in print, and they are appealing to readers for help. It's not alone. ...more

As a former daily newspaper journalist who got laid off this year, I can empathize with all ... more

The Fruits of Fall: Apples

"Now that fall has almost arrived, the climate is beginning to evoke thoughts of cosy sweaters, fuzzy blankets, knees tucked up before the fireplace. When we take The Girls for their walks along the trails, the barren trees on either side of the paths span above our heads, branches reaching across to touch each other as if holding hands. Carpets of brown, red, and orange leaves crinkle below our feet as we stroll along." ~ from Diet, Dessert and Dogs, featuring the recipe for Holiday Bundt Apple Cake ...more

I always lament the passing of peaches, plums, and pluots from the farmers markets. But it's a ... more

Before There Was Dorie, There Was Laurie: Laurie Colwin, That Is

Food blogger devotion to Dorie Greenspan is well-recorded. But cookbook and fiction author Laurie Colwin? About her fiction, Anna Quinlan once wrote, "It is difficult to write about Laurie's fiction without preaching either to the converted or to the clueless." (With Passion and Affect, Gourmet, August 2001) ...more

I have always loved to read books on a myriad of topics. And long before I ever became a food ... more

The Hunger Challenge: How to Eat on $3 a Day

Have you had your grande latte today? Ka-ching, that's three bucks. Munch a small taco for lunch? There's another. Fed your sugar crash at the company vending machine? Another. If you were an average family living on food stamps, $3 is all you'd have to spend, per person, for an entire day's food. To raise awareness, money and recipes, this week the San Francisco Food Bank launched the Hunger Challenge. ...more

Jill Silva, a wonderful food writer wrote a story on trying to feed her family on food ... more

The Fruits of Fall: Figs

"I've had a lifelong fear of figs. I blame it on my Swedish grandmother who lovingly baked sweets that she wanted her precious only young grandaughter to try. Among these treats were cookies with fresh fig filling. Though I loved grandma and appreciated her spoiling me endlessly, I couldn't stand the texture of the fig cookies. ... ...more

I wish everyone who thinks they hate figs (because of Newtons), would try the real deal. They're ... more

The 100 Foods Meme Goes On: More Lists of Foods You Really Must Try!

Recently I challenged BlogHer readers to test their foodie experience on lists for the top 100 foods every omnivore (or vegan) should try. Now the lists have inspired other food bloggers to think about their own top 100 foods, and there's a second wave of must-try lists. Possibly no one could ever try all these foods in a lifetime, but wouldn't it be fun to try? ...more

Someone should come up with the 100 foods that you really shouldn't eat, but really must, ... more

The Fruits of Fall: Plums

"I’m not handling this very well. I don’t want summer to be almost over. I don’t care that I love fall; I love even more not having to wear jackets and toe-covering shoes and socks. I hate socks most of all. Everyone knows that fall is abundantly short-lived and all of a sudden you’re catapulted into the longest, winter ever, and … I’m not ready." (Smitten Kitchen) ...more

I concur. Don't get me wrong _ I love fall apples and pears. But I LOVE peaches, plums and ... more

Shop smart - Ten casual wardrobe essentials

This fall, shopping is all about not breaking the bank -- after all, just paying the bills will cost more this year.  This is a good time to invest in basic pieces that you can mix and match and wear forever.  Choose pieces that will work together; stick primarily with neutrals but add a pop of color -- cool shoes or a bright bag.  Opt only for pieces that can be worn together; accessorize to change up your look.   ...more

As a full-time employed person turned semi-employed person (thank you, imploding newspaper ... more

Do You Know The 100 Best Foods For Women?

Recently, I posted on The Great American Eat Right Challenge. So, when I came across this list by Alisa Miller, on the 100 Best Foods For Women, I immediately knew I wanted to share it here. With one hundred foods to choose from, there is something for everyone. Are you trying to eat healthy? Maybe you could pick a few of the foods on this list, and add them to your diet? ...more

Oh, thank goodness dark chocolate is on the list. I was getting worried there. It's the one ... more

Have You Eaten the 100 Foods Every Omnivore (or Vegan) Should Try?

Everyone loves lists, and currently food bloggers around the world are rushing to post one. Bloggers by the droves are talking about The Omnivore's Hundred, a meme created by Andrew at Very Good Taste which suggests 100 foods every omnivore should try. And now there's a Vegan Hundred too, created by Hannah from Bittersweet. ...more

That's a toughie, but I'd have to say burrata cheese. If you've had it once, no doubt, you'll ... more