I am a mother, a writer, a seeker by nature with a deep and intense... read more



I am a mother, a writer, a seeker by nature with a deep and intense wanderlust.

Growing up in New York City allowed me to seek new and interesting things with a sense of awe and adventure. I was married young and travelled Europe and Asia with my husband of those years. We were young and free, ready to take on the world.
As a young woman newly divorced, I moved to the American West and there I began a love affair with the land, the people, and a lifestyle slowly disappearing. It was the place where I met incredible people, many of whom I count as my family and keep close to my heart. It’s where I had amazing experiences, opened my mind and my heart, and learned a new way of living. It’s where I met my second husband, gave birth to my beautiful son, and in the end was heartbroken and again divorced.
I continue to seek adventure, I continue to rove about having lived in many places, always expanding, always growing, creating new and interesting experiences for myself and my son who will soon enough be off to create his own world.

I'm an avid reader and can't pass up a bookstore, especially if it is independently owned. I have a good deal of fun testing my hand at writing and have posted short stories and creative fiction on this blog. I'd like to think of myself as an aspiring author until I become one. 
Among other things, rose-colored mountains, and wild open space will always enchant me. 

Join me as I venture here and there!

In the meantime, I am the wholesale/retail rep for a lovely little line of all natural cosmetics ... Cowgirl Dirt! 

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